Life hacks to make you smarter than ever before!

You don't require absolutely no investment, but some time!!


Men will be Men. It simply means not giving flying fucks about that messy hairdo, that 8 years old Levis 501 or reckless nights of merry making without caring about your blood shot eyes. With the revolution of times, men across the globe are becoming a tad bit conscious about themselves but this phenomena needs to gain some momentum. Ultra enthusiastic men are spending maximum dollars on grooming regime which can give their sweethearts a run for their money. The point here is not at all about your pay checks and how you squeeze out a big chunk on these regimes, but about small hacks which can make you a better and more handsome man in your total appearance. It does not involve plastic surgery or some black magic but some time and dedication and you will come out to be a better man.


1) Your Barber is your best Mate.


Your teenage is well behind you and with this your official license to sport a messy mop is over. This goes to all the gents, the barber is your best grooming friend. A regular trim for your hairdo is necessary every fortnight or depending upon your hair growth. Keep your beard trimmed or at least in proper shape and regularly spruced. It’s official that snipping your eye brows is of utmost importance. It’s your face that is noticed first on the dance floor, anything on it requires some maintenance.

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2) Watch that body Language bruv.

body language

Small body language tricks like holding your head up while walking or having an erect body posture goes long way in making you appear as a confident and having a great personality. Angling your body towards someone while you’re talking or when you’re flirting with a love interest is highly recommended.

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3) New is the key word.

new wardrobe

Revamp your look by getting rid of your old, stained and bad fitting clothes from your wardrobe. Make space for new styles which will make you appear sharper than ever before. A regular purge of your wardrobe is very important as with moving trends, you will need new styles. We are specially talking about that old stained Micky Mouse sweatshirt you have been wearing for 8 years now.

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4) Classics and then some more.


Everyman should own and invest regularly in staple menswear classics which will form the backbone of your wardrobe. A white shirt, a pair of beige chinos, classic crew neck t- shirts in black and white, a navy blazer, white leather sneakers, brogues and a navy blue twill chinos will be your starting point on road to wardrobe glory.

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5) Moisturise nicely. Yes you heard us the first time.


The manly skin is more prone to sweat, oil and break outs. It also is more vulnerable to our endless and excessive nights of debauchery. A good moisturiser is God sent for our skins and we need to take it more seriously. Invest in a good moisturiser and use it every time you are done with shave, swimming, gym or before hitting the sack or before going out. Invest in water based moisturiser if your face produces more oil than OPEC countries.

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6) Dating game on point.


You need to take your dating game a bit more seriously. Be it that hot tinder match or your sweetheart from high school, ladies like a well prepared man on a date. Old school charm of a nice dinner and drink date at a tony restaurant will always be your trump card. Be prepared by booking a table In advance and earn extra brownie points by having the menu well acquainted to you with chef’s recommendation or the house special. Did we forget to mention that your evening fragrance should not be forgotten!

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7) Spruce up your pad.

bachelor pad

You have been busy with your job throughout the week and the weekends are dedicated to being reckless in the capital. Listen up friend, you need to get your bachelor pad sorted. Your wardrobe needs some sprucing, your living room needs those long due lamps and a piece of art from one of the galleries. Clean up the clutter and make a personal corner where you may ponder on the finer details of your life. No we are not giving any clues on these finer details.

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These hacks are not something which are new, but the idea of inculcating them in your life was never this incumbent. Every now and then we need a change and it will always start from your own life.


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Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON