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Let’s rock the pastel. Shall we?

How else to start the spring?

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Menswear is seeing a huge predilection for pastel shades in recent times. Most runways were boasting of this colour palette, and we see no reason why we should stay away from this trend. Summers in India will be long and sporting soothing colours can bring some respite. The lighter, much fresher shades of menswear are no big news and our fashion forward friends are wearing this trend with sublime efficacy.

From lemon hues to dusty shades of blue to textured beige and salmon pink, pastel shades are your best bet to transform your somber winter wardrobe to a fresh dose of pop. We have selected few strong pastel coded styles for you to kick start the warm weather with some aplomb.


The Caramel Tune Linen Jacket


A match made by the best minds of menswear doyens, beige and linen together are so cool. This sleeveless jacket in a cool hue of beige is a top dollar bet for all your summer weddings and the shenanigans associated with it. Pair it up with dark tones to make it pop or just go neutral with the same palette to have a much more laid back summery vibe.


The Sweet Therapy T-Shirt

Mr Button FOXTST20 (1)

What’s better than to slip into a cool, light pink , basic crew neck t-shirt to exhibit your toned biceps which you have been working hard all this winter? This number here, is your summer trump card when you want to break free from usual choice of basic whites or blues. This will go with all your wardrobe staples and is good enough to be clubbed beneath your sports blazers or worn over your ripped denims when you are out and about in the town.


The Abbey Road Studio formal Trousers


The name extracts it’s inspiration from the super hit album of the same name by The Beatles. This formal trouser is a holy grail of all the summer formal trousers. The micro checkered pattern are too subtle for any distractions but pack a certain edge and character. This can be your fail safe trousers when you wanna take over that Thursday meeting, wearing a navy or neutral coloured blazer. Have a summer beach wedding to attend? Club this one with a linen blazer, roll up the cuffs and slip into your leather sandals and you are sorted, Sir.


The Party Starter Detailed Shirt

ANTSHR18 (1)

This dusty lime coloured shirt is our answer to adding some pop in your spring parties. The leather disco patch is for the party maniacs and also to add that required mysticism coz we believe disco is not a place but a state of mind. You know what we mean? Take this one to your day parties or rock that rave-y club this number. The subtle hint of pop is enough to announce your summer state of mind.


The Tenacious Barry Cotton Joggers

Mr Button FOXJR05 (2)

Structured cotton Joggers are touted to be a rage this season. This one here is in our “it” shade of beige and cut on a super smooth cotton to give you enough freedom to be sweat free. Pair this one with your casual shirts or be more outward by clubbing it with your tees or tank tops. Well chiseled biceps and shoulders can/ will add to the Jazz of this look.


The Ice Cube Pocket Detailed T-Shirt

ANTTST06 (1)

The ice blue colour of this basic round Neck t-shirt is powerful enough to announce the arrival of the summer. The leather patch pocket is added to remix some bravura and a punch to this basic yet “oh so summer” number. Club it with almost anything and everything.


The Cherry Blossom Cotton Trousers


There has been an ongoing debate in worldly forums if pink is actually a manly colour. We have rested our opinion by presenting this strong number for this season. Probably the most underrated or underestimated colour in our wardrobes, this one is the key to instant success in the midst of all other pastel shades fighting for attention. Pair it with light coloured tops or if feeling adventurous, can club it with black or navy tops during the night time. Break the monotony and go for this shade of pastel. You will thank us later.


Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON