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Let them Survive!

These Voiceless Beings Need Your Voice!

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The nature is one thing that is beyond control of us, humans. We may have advanced in terms of science and technology and so on and so forth, but does that really make a difference is what we need to ask ourselves. We think it’s high time we take a step back and see what we’ve done. The lush green forests have turned into concrete jungles in the name of development. The voiceless creatures are being poached in the name of their fur or horns or their utility to us humans. How fair is that? We feel that this is something that needs immediate attention. There’s a reason behind the existence of each one of us.

As a team of conscious individuals, we felt the need to use our reach for a positive cause and spread awareness about the various endangered species. Each one of these voiceless creatures matter. We are going to be their voice and this is an effort to #LetThemSurvive.

For the same we are launching a capsule collection of t-shirts, each one of them depicting a number which signifies the last reported count of these animals. Be a part of the campaign and help us spread the word.


South China Tiger

NOCTST14 (2)

When the population of South China Tigers decreased from 4000 in 1950’s to just about 50 individuals in 1996, these beings have now been declared ‘functionally extinct’ by scientists. Killed as a common pest in China, these majestic beasts belong to the wild but now zoo happens to be the only place they are found. With the last reported count being 20, there’s a need to do something about it, don’t you agree?


Amur Leopard

NOCTST11 (2)

Think about getting killed for being too fair. Found in Russia, these voiceless beings are poached for their beautiful, spotted fur. For them to survive in the long run, there’s a need for their prey population to recover first, which will only happen if their poaching is brought under control. There are only 57 left, it’s high time we focus on bringing them back, let’s do this together?


Javan Rhino

NOCTST12 (1)

The Javan rhino has a dusky grey colour and a single horn of up to 10 inches long. They are only found in Ujung Kulon National Park in Java, Indonesia and that’s the only hope for their survival. The entire species will disappear if the population in Java reduces any further. With only 60 left in Indonesia, rest of them killed for their horn or as agricultural pests, this is the only hope to pull them out from the brink of extinction. Time to take an action, you with us?



NOCTST08 (2)

Discovered in 1992, these mammals still remain a mystery. Considering that they are a recent and one of the most important discoveries of the 20th century, and not much is known about them, it’s alarming to see them on the list of endangered species. Found in the mountains of Vietnam, the rapid loss of natural habitat is why they are facing the brink of extinction. But we can still work together to snatch this one back from there, let’s do this?


Cross River Gorilla

NOCTST09 (2)

These gorilla subspecies are the least known about to us. One way of ensuring the population of these animals is by protecting the forests that house them. Humans encroaching the gorilla’s territory in Nigeria for timber and to create fields for agriculture and livestock, has resulted in their count decreasing drastically. With only about 280 left, working on saving them is of utmost importance. Time to take an action, agreed?


Sumatran Elephants

NOCTST15 (2)

The Sumatran elephants share their habitat with a variety of endangered species, who in fact benefit from their existence, as they feed on the various flora, depositing seeds wherever they go, thus, contributing to a lush forest. The Sumatran elephants are critically endangered because of us humans taking away their natural habitat at a faster rate. They can’t win from us, let’s take it slow, shall we?


If you have managed to reach here, that clearly means that you care, just like we do. It is time we work together to create the awareness that is needed to help these voiceless beings. Be a part of the campaign, help us #LetThemSurvive!

Words by Ms. Aparna Chopra,
Marketing and Content Manager at MR BUTTON