These gadget saviors are also a style statement.

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Right from that first meeting with your to-be boss (hopefully) to the blind date with that girl you scored through tinder, it goes without saying that your first impression is the last impression! All ‘firsts’ matter, literally they do! No one will forget what you wore or did or said the first time they met you. It is upto you how you make them remember you, the shabby guy or the one that makes their heart skip a beat!

Here’s the deal, what would you do to accentuate your expensive suit? The catch here lies in the minutest of minute details and getting them right, wearing the right watch or having the perfect cufflinks and not to forget, your socks (You do know that people can see them, right?).

I am sure that for most men, when it comes down to your personal style, the least attention is given to accessories such as a laptop sleeve even though they are a direct portrayal of a person’s dynamism. Mate, you need not worry!

Here are a few Editor’s favourite specially for you!


We all have those days when we just don’t want to carry all the extra baggage and for precisely those days when a briefcase would be a tad bit too big and you can not carry a messenger bag (you have that ‘business’ meeting with your hot US client bro!). This laptop sleeve is the perfect option and this little detail can make or break your outfit. The power of this colour and the way you style it can help you make that girl you’ve been eyeing at work go weak in the knees! The extra pocket inside can carry the few papers you need to get you through your day and the outer pocket is big enough to hold your pack of marlboro! The finesse of this bag combined with any outfit would be nothing less than being simple yet stylish.



Before I start disclosing the things you could use this sleeve for, let me tell you what you shouldn’t do with it, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT keep something that you don’t want the world to know about in the outer see through pocket or else it might be too late before you realise that the entire world is discussing your personal life! The beauty of this bag lies in the very well thought of design and the colours used, making it a necessity in your wardrobe! (Who wouldn’t want 50 Shades of Greys after all?). The clasp on the top ensures that all your belongings are safe in there. This easy to carry sleeve could come in handy on those days when you want to take it easy and grab a drink at the bar with your mates.



Who said that a laptop sleeve is only meant for carrying laptops? As a matter of fact, they make a perfect accessory for those who particularly have an eye for details. This one with its rustic colour has the potential to give any casual outfit a lift it might require. Your assortment of bags needs to have this as an addition! This one right here would be the perfect thing to carry while travelling or even when you’re out for a casual lunch. Spontaneous plans are something that are way too tempting to ignore and in case you happen to pay a sudden visit to your favourite bar, this insignificant (NOT) detail will make you look put together no matter what you wear!



So before heading out of your house the next time, make sure you pay more attention to the details. No look is complete without a couple of dapper elements which might feel minuscule but in order to create something that is remarkable, you need to focus on the smallest detail!




Words by Ms. Aparna Chopra,
Marketing and Content Associate at MR BUTTON