Mr Button Jukebox June 2017, Week 1

This is what's on loop at the HQ!



Every week we bring you the best of music from vivid genres. These are the best of all the worlds and they have been on loop at the HQ. Music is the drug which inspires us in what we do and here is a roundup of all the music we would like you to play, right away!

This week we have some grooves to set your mood right. Let’s start with our very own home boy, Mojojojo’s new track, Shankar. The vibe is so fresh, the drop is so wild and the whole track will make you proud of this Delhi based producer. Do check out the trippy video. Our love for ZHU is not anywhere close to fade just yet and this list gets him on board with his collaborative session with Skrillex. Need we say anymore? Another visual treat (check out the video) coupled with no brainer lyrics and a foot tapping beat will be Sex (Watch the Video, now?) by Cheat Codes and Kris Kross.

We have found new love in rapper G-Eazy and feature his most popular track, I Mean It. French Montana collaborates with Swae Lee to produce a good dancehall groove with Unforgettable. Pulling an old one, we bring to you Help me lose My Mind by British maestros Disclosure and we insist that you give it a shot. We’ve been a great fan of the king of pop, Michael Jackson and the nostalgia gets its vent with the king’s Dirty Diana on the list.

In others we have The Weeknd and Lana Del Rey’s new collab, Lust for life. Expect some mush with lot of Abel’s signature crooning. You better get this list on loop to give you the best of all the world. Until next time.

Disclaimer: Listening to these tracks may keep you in the groove making you more productive at work. It’s tried and tested straight from the Mr Button HQ!

Curated by Akshat Singh,

The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON