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It’s a poetic affair!

How else do you plan this summer to be?


The big mighty Indian summer is upon us. The season brings it’s own glory, it’s own ups and it’s own style. Mr Button has always had a particular inclination towards the warm weather and the possibilities it brings to take our style game a notch up. After a lot of contemplation and months of looking for a plot we thought of giving a poetic twist to our summer. Yes, this season, it’s all about brining an element of poetry to our wardrobe.

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Inspired by a poetic state of mind, The Poetic Justice is to emphasise a much toned down, earthy and lyrical side of summer style. There is a certain languor, a lazy side attached to Indian Summers. It’s the one where you don’t want to do anything but sit on the patio or verandah and sip on tall glasses of lemonade and write your heart out. The Poetic Justice derives it’s name from a lifestyle, we envisage to be something Indian men will subscribe easily. Summers are savagely hot and it requires us to wear something which keeps us cool at the same time not compromise on our style quotient. The Poetic Justice brings the element and a lifestyle of poets and how they would dress themselves. Our vision of the poet is someone who loves nature, is well read and who likes to spend a lot of time to mull over his thoughts. He is someone who dresses well but there is that ease in his styles, they are breezy and also let him contemplate on his next lyrical masterpiece. Poets have been known to be effortless in their endeavours, so why not make them look effortlessly cool?

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The breezy styles have been given roomier silhouettes and easy weight summer friendly fabrics like linen blend, khadi blends and light cottons. The colour palette is worked around to be very earthy with balanced shades of pastels to synchronise the story and to bring in the best shades of menswear this season. Expect shades like chalk pink, dusty blues, marine blues, fruity muave, mud browns, off-whites to cool down the summer heat. A myriad range of smart tunics have been introduced for the first time to exhibit your rage against the summer as well as get you in touch with your poetic side. Look out for asymmetric Charcoal Khadi-Linen tunic with a side closure and a stripped tunic with a hidden placket detail. A major push has been given to get you relaxed trousers with a roomier bottom opening. These trousers come with drawstrings to add a modern twist. The high rise and boxier appearance will keep you at your lyrical best and fresh fabric will keep you sweat free.


The Poetic Justice also derives a lot of styles from menswear’s new God pattern. Yes sir, we are talking about stripes. What better time than summer to rock some stripes? Keep an eye out for stripes in every style ranging from our new launched tunics to our summer blazers, relaxed trousers, tunic shirts and shorts. Stripes still remain to be one of the most followed prints and it shall help you prevail a stylish summer. Another linchpin of this collection is a long jacket in Linen to slay your summer ceremonies and when you want to look quaintly stylish. The waistcoats and sleeveless jackets deserve a special mention for their efficacy of being the best summer layering option. Minimal sleeveless jackets when paired with co-ordinated trousers can be the new summer suit. Our Style Agents have already started being very vocal on how this summer, the suits are going to get a sleeveless treatment. We see a new style movement in this form and will want you to be the first movers of this upcoming trend.

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Poetic Justice gave us immense opportunity to portray our version of the Summer. The collection has inspirations driven from lifestyles and personal style of a few stylish poets from our past and it really helped us shape the collection. Maverick author Mr. Hunter S Thompson, very suave Mr. Simon Van Booy, the very rugged Mr. Ernest Hemingway are few names which worked as our muse for this collection. The artsy, down to earth and strangely nostalgic life of poets is serene and how else should we think of their dressing? The poets have been considered as social thinkers who have always shaped the course of our generations by their observations. It’s about giving time to yourself, to think and to move forward. It’s about writing down those tumult which build in your mind and you share it with the world and try to bring about a change. The strong role played by poets and philosophers in moulding our ancient society is still applicable and the new age of poets should not be neglected. Here is a tribute to all the mavericks who believe in writing or giving words to their thoughts without expecting much but some respect and love.


Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON