‘I don’t care if you think I’m beautiful, I think I’m beautiful.’

Who is Winnie Harlow?


When was the last time you were happy about putting on those extra kilos? Or about the extra hair that you’ve been shedding making you imagine yourself getting bald? We’re sure you don’t see it as one thing less to do in the morning while getting ready (no hair no combing!). It all boils down to you seeing a glass as half full or half empty.

We all go through phases in life where we think we are not as good as that guy who manages to juggle between office and gym and maintain his physique. But come on let’s face it, you wouldn’t want to be like him, would that make you, you? You may try to make such a person your inspiration, but at the same time retain your individuality and do things YOUR way.

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Picture Credit; Pinterest

Here is Winnie Harlow, real name Chantelle Brown-Young, suffering from a skin condition called vitiligo or Leucoderma, which results in skin losing it’s colour. This was not even one of the reasons that could stop her from pursuing her dream of becoming a model. Indifferent to what the world would have to say to that, she entered America’s Next Top Model anyway.

By achieving a huge Instagram following, this girl has proved that her skin condition can not be an excuse for anything that goes wrong in her life! We are mesmerised by her bold thinking! Look at that beauty! We are not talking about her skin disorder, but about how she has made that her strength! You go girl!

This 22 year old gem was then uncovered by America’s Next Top Model, even though she was eliminated in the second week of finals, nothing has really stopped her! She has since then been an inspiration for people around the world with the same skin condition who feel they can’t lead a normal life. Is there anything that can stop you from doing what you want to do apart from you yourself? We think not.

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Forget about what Cersei (GOT reference!) thinks about you, and let that not hamper the way you develop as an individual. We aren’t living our life for our neighbour Sharma ji or for Pammi Aunty (pun intended) but only and only for ourselves. We need to make what WE think about ourselves our utmost priority!

One of the many takeaways from Winnie would be to have a right attitude, and embrace yourself instead of letting the disorder affect you, make them your USP and flaunt them to the world! After all you should know that you’re worth every bit of it!

As Harlow says, ‘Just listen to yourself’ and rightly so.


Words by Ms. Aparna Chopra,
Marketing and Content Associate at MR BUTTON