How to slay black this summer?

Black Will Take You A Long Long Way!


‘Black in summers? Hey what’s wrong with you mate?’ One very common expression being ‘Why you wearing black in this heat, aren’t you feeling hot?’

Are you also the one who hears this exclamation a little too often? Well let us break this for you (so that you can tell the world who thinks black ain’t for summers), black doesn’t make you feel hot in the summer. If that was the case then why would you see bedouins wearing black robes in the scorching heat of the deserts? Thought provoking? Well it’s got a lot to do with how you choose to wear black.

Black has never and never will disappoint no one. And whoever said black is not for the warm weather, maybe doesn’t know how to stay cool in black. In fact, black is a colour that will add to your style game this spring. We at the HQ are experimenting with ways to rock black this season. Here are some ways you can do the same!


Prints Are Always a Good Idea


We aren’t saying that an all black outfit is a bad idea. But all black doesn’t necessarily mean a solid colour. You can opt for a printed black tee or a shirt and pair it with your black trousers or joggers. The print will break the solid colour and you will ace the art of wearing black with people appreciating rather than exclaiming!


Choose the Right Fabric

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If you’re the kinds who would want to wear black throughout the season, it is important to give importance to the fabric you’re opting for. If the fabric is right, then the colour will not matter. Linen and cotton work best for summers and wool blends for winters. So Sir, if you’re going to be wearing black this season, you better get yourself a few styles in the perfect fabric!


Opt for Relaxed Styles


Summers call for loose silhouettes. One thing you should not do with black in summers is wear styles that are body hugging. Scientifically speaking, the heat that is absorbed by black, gets lost before it reaches the skin, for which it is recommended to opt out of wearing absolutely fitted shirts and keep some room for letting your body breathe.


Limit Your Layering

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Light summer layering is an all time favourite at the HQ, however, we would recommend to keep layering limited to say a sleeveless jacket, if you’re the kinds who would like to enter your workplace looking better than your boss! Wearing a light colour shirt underneath a black linen blazer or even a sleeveless jacket is a great idea!


Pop of Colour Will do Wonders


You may have heard this a million times before and we say it again, there’s no colour that would not go with black! So this is the time for you to start experimenting with them. Pair a pink trouser with a black shirt or a pastel shirt with a black trouser. That will add a pop of colour without having you to not wear black.


Think Black, Think Accessories!


Accessorising well has always been a very important part of nailing the right outfit. And by wearing black, it doesn’t always mean you wearing a black shirt or bottoms, have you thought of picking up your darkest pair of shades or a black bag, or your classic black oxfords for that matter? Even a black belt will add to your outfit.


Here’s hoping that we have managed to inspire you to rock black this coming season because that’s what we’re doing. After all Men in Black (if done right) always manage to get the upper hand!


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Words by Ms. Aparna Chopra,
Marketing and Content Associate at MR BUTTON