How to Dress for The First Date.

Our fool proof guide to what to wear for wooing.


So she said yes! All your moves and that sense of humour has done the trick for you. You are meeting her after work at a quaint little place popular for it’s selection of wine (her choice, of course). You are into this cutie and this is your chance to impress her to the core and take her out of that dreaded friend-zone. Not many men are attentive to the power of dressing smartly for the first date. Never rush to the rendezvous place in your office clothes as it gives the message that you did not make efforts for THE FIRST DATE (ladies love the right amount of preparation). You need to understand some basic moves which will help you to make a better impact and times to come with your beau. Here are a few fool proof moves to get you going.


1) Make an Effort (Just a little will fix you)

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Ladies like Men who appear dressed for the date but never too much. Don’t go over board but look all put together enough for her to compliment you on your sense of style. No woman wants to date a man who takes more time to dress up than her.


2) A Decent Wallet (Oh yes sir)

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All the brownie points you gonna earn by paying for the dinner will go out of the window if your wallet is emblazoned with words like “Badass” or sorts. Keep a classic billfold in black or brown leather and try not to stuff it with your laundry, travel or bar bills.


3) Be Yourself (Original never goes out of style)

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Don’t try something which you have never tried before when it comes to dressing up for the night. Keep your original sense of style at it’s best and let your comfortable style speak for you. A light navy blazer with your favourite chinos in neutral shade is equally cool like wearing a slim fit casual shirt with dark denims. Don’t try too hard by dressing in something which is too gaudy as it may give her shivers (for all wrong reasons, bruv)


4) Shoe Game on Point (Wise decisions)

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You will never know, you will never realise but she will notice your shoes and she will judge you by them. Good quality leather lace ups or loafers are the safest bet. You may even go with quality sneakers in leather but avoid the ones you have been wearing all this while and it has stains of wine, mud or food. Never announce your self in flip flops until you are meeting her at a beach side place. Team your shoes wisely with your sharp ensemble as you don’t wanna bring all her attention to your over shiny shoes.


5) Wear a Scent (Never over do)

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A classic cologne will keep you in her good books. Never over do by spraying way too much and choking her nostrils with your heavy musk based cologne. Classic citrus scents for the day and dark woody notes for evening are your best bet. Spray it on your chest beneath your shirt and on your wrists to get going. A seductive scent is all she needs and that good sense of humour. Did I mention some over flowing wine as well?


6) Dress Easy (Power suits to be excused)

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Never dress in a suit until the place demands it or even then sharp separates are good. Don’t dress like you came straight from your sales pitch. When in doubt read point number 3 above.

How not to dress on the Date Night

Please don’t walk in to meet your date in these. Period.

Baggy shorts, big cartoon printed t-shirts, tank tops, flip-flops, blingy¬†jewellery, very tight clothes, pointed shoes (don’t wear them nowhere), short t-shirts, dirty shirt, bootcut jeans and last but not the least will be your everyday gym sweatpants.


The Final Word.

Your first date is your gateway to a nice time with your favourite girl in the future. Keep your hairdo intact and spruce up your weekend beard. Also a clean set of teeth and nails are equally important. Remember that your first impression is your last impression. Please don’t blow your chance. All the best, mate.

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Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON