Happy Birthday, Leading Man

Mr Button wishes its leading man, Mr Gazi on his birthday.

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It always comes down to one single question when we plan our next collection. This major problem stems from the fact that MR BUTTON is not just a brand but an identity, a fictional character who is a modern dandy, infinite in his appeal. The most difficult part is the portrayal of this fictional character. Yes, you got me. Who will be the face to unfold the story to our audience? Who will be that single person who can relate to the story and then communicate it with perfection?

Our leading man, Mr Rouhallah Gazi has done just that for MR BUTTON. This Mumbai based lad was the first choice for our winter collection, The Polished Brash. A passion for men’s fashion, the looks of a greek god, that magnificent beard and an unmatched flamboyance were some of the things that did justice to the whole plot. I remember how jovial and friendly Gazi was to everyone at the set and how he has that eye for attention. (We respect and admire this as a brand.) Gazi truly embodies Mr Button’s tenets of sharp and structured fit and that comes out brilliantly in our imagery. This lanky guy had the right panache to make our winter collection feel like a great story and his portrayal of The Polished Brash was so genuine and original.

Here on his Birthday, MR Button wishes him a great and fun filled Birthday. Mr.Gazi has been a true gentleman and we wish him great luck and success in the times to come. As a tribute to our leading man, we put in some behind the scene images from our Winter Shoot. Need more Gazi moments, have a gander at our Winter collection video.  Pop some Champagne, Will ya ?

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Words by Mr Akshat Singh, The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON