What to do when Hangover Strikes the Empire

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An early morning, and you wake up in the middle of nowhere at your Villa. Empty Bud Pints, shot glasses of Patrón, on the deck, Bottles of mixers trashed on your kitchen shelve. Boxes of half devoured Pizzas around the center table, Bottles of Johnnie and Bordeaux in your living room, after a loud night at the Villa. Broken glasses in the toilet with red lipstick still intact(Daiiiiyuuummm!! what might have happened there). It is one of those mornings, where it’s inevitably hard not to remember what the FU&k just happened last night!!

After the night you’ve had, getting up from the bed (or wherever you are) becomes insurmountable with nausea, feeling of a never ending pounding in your head and; your motor skills will demand for an “Alfred” beside you, and not Bruce Wayne.  It is a curious case of hangover after a hefty night you’ve had, and now you want to get relieved of your dues!

Once you’re up and ready to terminate the pain of a never ending and god-forsaken, badass HANGOVER!!  Let me tell you HOW TO.

For that you need to understand the chemistry of your body which has been overdozed with all the beer, Patrón etc etc. You need to lessen that First and negate the chemicals in your body from last night’s soiree.



Alcohol is a dehydrating agent and pushes off all the good liquid from the body which includes your brain, leaving you with a heavy head! The first thing you need is “An Elixir of life”, i.e. Water, which will be your savior and tops the chart for your Jab to jab match with the Sunday morning hangover.  Note* Drinking water before you Pass-out, relaxes your body and balances level of H2O in your body and Brain, H2O after waking up, helps you keep the head bashing to the edge of darkness.


Proteins and Carbs
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No Greasiest Tuna Melt or a Milk Shake, or a Gravy helps you get rid of the jack hammer in your head, definitely not another shot of Patrón! The only thing that will help you get over that feeling of hunger & never ending head bash is, Protein and Carbs.  Why?, Proteins  and Carbohydrates when consumed it breaks down into Amino Acid replenishing the lost Amino from the body, which helps in detoxifying your liver, and putting a rest to the Craving. Few Entrées, Mashed Potatoes, Dry Beans , Fiberous Veges, Bread, Meat, Eggs. {My favorite food is Scrambled Eggs and Crisp Toast 😉 }


Relax the day


Once you’re done with all the above, you lie down on the couch watch a little Tele and relax your bones with a Glass of coconut water, as this is yet again a hydrating Secret agent  (at your body’s service). Coconut water has potassium helping you to get on your feet faster, plus its flavorful ;)!!

Cheers.. Oops!!

Alfred can I have that Plate of Scrambled Egg with Cheese and Crisp Butter Bread Toast now! 😉

Words by Mr. Varun Singh,
The Show Man at Mr Button

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