Grey’s Anatomy


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For those who follow this series closely would know how things change in the blink of an eye! All our favorite characters have died inspite of surviving many life threatening incidents. Derek survived a plane crash but a car accident killed him! Like whaaaaaa?!


The point here being, this particular series makes us feel happy and sad at the same time. It gets difficult to understand the direction your roller coaster of emotions might take while watching a fresh episode. We have learnt to expect the unexpected only because of Grey’s!


Talking about Grey’s, did we mention that this season’s most popular colour also happens to be grey? It has come to our knowledge that everyone has finally realized the power of Grey! A grey t-shirt can really compliment your body type. As a matter of fact, it keeps us cool even though the sun tries hard to keep it’s best foot forward!


It would be safe to say that grey is the new black specially because it can pretty much be paired with everything. Wear a casual tee with your fav jeans or experiment with a blazer and enjoy the outcome!



Come, let’s talk Grey.

Words by Ms. Aparna Chopra,
Marketing and Content Associate at MR BUTTON