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5 Kinds of Girlfriends you could be dating this V-day

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner now. Probably the most challenging and dreaded calendar day for men who are clueless on the conundrums of this day. To be honest, V-day is actually crucial for men who want to be at the Center-stage of their relationships and a day’s good spirit (read sincerity) can score you yearlong brownie points from your girl. From my experience, V-day demands going an extra mile to make an impression and a good way to do this will be the best mix of your personal style of romance and affection clubbed with your knowledge of the character traits of your beau. Every girl needs different treatment and it can make or break the deal with her. She fancies constant attention but then there is a Whole Nine Yard of factors depending on her style, choices, state of mind etc (that list of etcs can run into many pages though). I shall try to decode 5 kinds of girls you could date this V-day and how to impress her.


The Corporate Girl Boss

The Girl Boss is at the top brass of a multinational firm and is doing well at her career. Power lunches, power trips, lots of maintenance and a flurry of credit cards goes hand in hand with the Boss. She wears top-class tailored power suits to office and maintains an aura of authority. She is soft and very down to earth when she is with you. I am talking mobile on flight mode and a smile even after a marathon 10 hours at the office (You lucky chap).

Real Life Corporate Girl Boss: Ms. Leslie Blodgett (CEO, Bare Escentuals), Ms. Jesse Cook Draper (CEO, Valley Girl)

How to impress her: She deserves a classic yet Stylish Date. How about reserving a private table at the rooftop bar with a view of the City or the Sea? Dinner Dates demand crisp yet comfortable clothing. A Sharp suit or a blazer with crisp shirt is a failsafe style to opt. She will admire and respect your efforts to appear like an obedient colleague even when you are not.


The Boho Chic

At one point of time I was so attracted to someone with Boho vibes and I can relate with how this free spirited, artsy and stylish clan of ladies can influence you. A cool and contemporary sense of style with classy accessories will be their go-to option when they announce themselves. They have a wide range of enthusiasm in books, music and everything with artsy attachments. Our girl is a Dreamer and an epitome of effortless cool in her own skin who likes you for your Boho vibes. Our Boho Chic is a traveller at heart and loves collecting Bric-a-Brac from the flea markets of the world.

Real Life Boho Chic: Ms.Mary Kate Olsen, Ms. Blake Lively

How To Impress Her: I would recommend a comfortable seat at your favorite Opera with the best view of the Stage. You can even go out for Couple of pints at the best comedy bar in town or at her Favorite Art Gallery. A Sleeveless Jacket on easy fitting linen Shirt or a tunic with some cool Birkenstock sandals will seal your style deal. An easy yet powerful gifting option may be a luxury pack of Macaroons from the French Patisserie and The Black Keys Vinyl Box Set. Did I mention a bunch of lilies is still Timeless to go with our girl?


The Sexy Bombshell

This one is hot and sexy and is probably a successful model or a celeb, in her own right. A mighty list of admirers, friends and Instagram followers should clearly define her. She is famous and our bombshell is spotted at places with you and you match her style with great confidence, all thanks to your sartorial powers and that dash of swagger. Your Girl is a page 3 regular and styles herself in the best of everything.

Real Life Sexy Bombshells: Ms. Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Ms. Charlotte Mckinney

How to Impress her: A Night at the V.I.P Section of the Toniest night clubs in the city with her best friends. An extra bottle of 2004 La Grande Dame Champagne will be a cherry on the cake. Put on your best white shirt with a badass biker jacket or a leather jacket to keep your look intact and ensure huge likes when your V-Day picture goes up on her Instagram . Buy her some classy (read Sexy) Lingerie from Agent Provocateur. After all its you who will be enjoying moments of admiration for the British Lingerie marvel, maybe later that night.

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The Femme Fatal

You love being around a dangerous and mysterious girl. Yes you do. This one is stunningly sexy and attractive. This Lady has a mysterious aura with eyes as seductive as you can ever imagine. You know you are in for danger and you know you may lose this game but you just cannot stop yourself from trying your luck with this Sexy Siren. She dresses herself with smoky and dreamy makeup and lacey and sheer dresses raise her oomph factor.

Real Life Femme Fatals: Ms. Rachel McAdams as Irene Adler in Sherlock Homes, Ms. Sharon Stone as Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct

How to Impress her: A Private Dinner date at a Posh Restaurant in the city should be your best bet. Good taste for wine and some smuggled Cuban cigars should impress her. My best look for this damsel should be everything all black like a crisp suit or a Black jacket and sharp black trousers. Musky cologne on you should counter her seductive eyes but it’s good to fail, at least on this night to bring out her sexy side. This one loves when you feign being dominated by her when you are just letting her take control of affairs.


The Tantrum Queen

You love the drama queen in your girl? If you are reading this and planning this V-day with her, the answer is probably yes. She is always a Diva with a predilection for everything pricey and glitzy. This girl demands your constant attention and she loves being around you. She likes shopping sprees and regular visits (read long hours) to her favorite saloon. Expensive bags, countless selfies and a gossip queen, this one love to be herself with you. They have also invented a disease which is apparently called ‘’Attention Seeking Syndrome’’. I would like to reserve my comments on it.

Real Life Tantrum Queen: Ms. Paris Hilton, Ms. Lady Gaga.

How To Impress her: Gift her a fancy Saloon session with everything at New York Standards or join her at the best spa in town for some couples therapy. Bookings at the Valentine’s Day Special Suite at The Four Seasons. You need to ensure that you go to places which make for some food for her Instagram selfies. Put on your blazer or a suit with sharp lapels and some cool accessories. You better dress up for this night or else she may command you to get back and change.

The Final Word: Your V-day needs to be special one and it demands your un-divided attention. Now when you are in a better position to ascertain your kind of girl, I am sure you will be on the path to glory. Dress for the occasion and also to complement your girl. If this does not help you in winning over your sweetheart’s love, I think you may take some sartorial inspiration from our V-Day Lookbook. Cheers.

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Words by Mr Akshat Singh, The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON