The universal symbol gets a stylish place.

x inside


The new summer spring collection draws inspiration from a myriad range of stories, colors, themes and characters. The vivid mix of stories help us come out with styles with a distinct character, a unique identity which also transgresses to the owner of the product. It’s like a stamp of a unique mark which was envisaged by the creator and is now followed and imbibed by the user. It’s like that baton which changes hand in the track and field ( is it too much now).



The new collection carries a distinct identity in the form of a stitched X on a square piece of leather on few styles. What the fuck this X signifies ? Is it a secret code or is it a secret society. The simple reason this X is shown on the styles is to start a movement, a rebel state of mind which the modern man is so ultra cautious to even think. Probably one of the oldest signs of mutiny, intrigue and mysticism the X on our new collection portrays a rebel mind. A mind which knows what it’s going to do, how is it going to take things in is stride. The X on our styles denotes a free mind which is a part rebel, part calculative but full dandy.



X has always remained the source behind strength and power. Imagine how you are always fascinated by the x rated videos or eroticas. It’s the X factor as they say, and trust me it’s very fascinating. The X on the styles is like the finishing signature on a painting by the artist ( making clothes is an art, isn’t ?) and the owner appreciates the art. You feel a sense of power and mutiny when you wear something with a straightforward yet intriguing symbol, a symbol which has a meaning to very few.



X refers to something which is unknown like an implied question mark. It marks everything with a sense of mysticism. Look no further but in your mundane life and you would have heard of X-Ray or X-games or X- files or Malcom-X or X-Men. X has also been the symbol of drastic change or a radical upheaval or transformation. The power of this symbol is superlative and when worn on your ensemble it qualifies you to join the coterie of few men who like speaking their minds through their clothes ( literally)



The Spring Summer styles are breezy and full of color blasts but then there is a secret ( not so secret now) symbol which speaks on its own. Are you willing to join the code? Are you willing to wear your X up your sleeves or your chest? Take a look here.


Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON