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He’s been there since the very beginning, watching over from the shadows, not always saying everything he wanted to, a natural course was considered the best. He did firmly step in though, when it would really matter, and made sure you were turning into the person you needed to turn into. He was always incredibly sure about stepping in, sometimes a little too stern in his methods, you must remember vividly. Never blinded by sentiment, inspiring a little part of you every time he pulled it off, even though you didn’t fully understand it at the time. It does take a grown up to fully grasp that.

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Then you began to grow up, and he didn’t speak to you like you were a kid anymore. You weren’t quite sure if you were ready, but that acknowledgement coming from a force like him made it come true just by happening at all. He knew all about the things you dared think of, and carefully welcomed you into your older years, patiently letting the awkward and unsure parts settle down. Leaving you alone when you needed it.

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Times have changed now, haven’t they. You’re always ahead of him in the technology domain and he asks for your advice when he’s stuck. You’re the one who displays patience and foresight sometimes now. He opens up more and talks about the things that scare grown men, and the things that blind them. And the ways in which this world will mock you. The insight often baffles you. He lets down his guard sometimes, and in so many ways, nobody can ever replace him.

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Here’s to the fathers who shaped us, the fathers who carefully chose the moral voices that are now second nature to us. The fathers who can still make us shudder. The fathers we aspire to be one day.

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Words by Ms. Neha Pandey,
The Brand Manager at MR BUTTON