Fathers’ Day Special

To our heroes without capes

Father's day inside

An ode to the heroes without capes

Fathers. A relation that is based more on protection, concern and support. The love is often unable to come to the fore because of inadequate expression of emotions which fathers tend to practise. Life gives us a lot of chances to re-invest in relationships that need more love and attention; we’ve just got to be on our mark to begin the healing.
Remember the time when he told you to tuck in your shirt for a date with your high school love? Or that other time when he gave you his watch for your first job interview and his life saving tip to always carry a handkerchief not for use but for offering it to a woman in need? This Fathers’ Day is your cue to show some tangible love to your dad and give back to your first hero.
Read on for some advice suited for different kinds of dads to add more warmth to this Fathers’ Day.


The Centre Forward

Mr Button Polo Tee

This dad doesn’t just ace the game of life but also wins it at the field. Make this Fathers’ Day fun by going for a game of golf or a sport of his choice with your Big Guy. Check out our Sports Essential Collection to play it in style.


Mr. Banker

Mr Button shirt

He has the best collection of cufflinks and watches. This breed is known to pamper their children with gifts from foreign business tours. He has always felt guilty for not being able to spend time with his children and that is his biggest regret. This Fathers’ Day take Mr. Banker out for a movie and lunch and let him feel accomplished and proud as a dad by being your best company. Take it a notch higher by twinning in the same Mr Button Adriatic Breeze Cotton Shirt!

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The Bibliophile


He has stressed upon the power of a good book and is never short of suggestions when you’re in need of a good read. Recite him some lines from your favourite poet. If you can’t make a choice, Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur and Lullabies by Lang Leav are some nice picks. Feel, read and dress like a poet this Fathers’ Day. Check out our Poetic Justice collection for more tunics like the Unsaid Move Cotton Tunic.

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The Melody Man

Mr Button Jukebox

This tip would work wonders for dads who love music. Surprise your dad this Fathers’ Day by curating a playlist for him and playing it when he wakes up. Send him on a rollercoaster ride of the memory lane by including the songs he jammed to back in the day. Take your mother’s help with this or check some music suggestions in our journal.


The Home Bound Gypsy


The life of this dad is as ironical as the name of this category. He gets his high by travelling around and because of him your family has been to many exotic vacations. Make this Fathers’ Day a weekend getaway for the two of you or your family. Wake him up to this news and a travel bag like the Cheesy Motif Weekender Bag packed and ready for him to get going. Some time away from everything will help you bond as a family and would be worth it!

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Final Word

So this Sunday pamper your father and give him the chance of being on the receiving end of it. Let him know how important he is to you by doing small acts of affection. But most importantly make the time spent together special and memorable. Every Dad deserves this much!

Words By

Aditya Sharma

Marketing and Content Associate At Mr Button