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7 Essentials to get your college style on point

Let’s sort your college style, Shall We?

Mr button college style

College. It’s a whole new world. It puts an end to things that won’t matter later (aka school) and a start to a chain of events that you’ll remember forever. As a college student you might feel or be forced to feel that you’re required to have a college style of your own since you won’t find that crisply ironed school uniform hanging at the same place to put on every morning. Besides this, you’ll be in a new place with new people which is a perfect opportunity to discover your style finally if you haven’t got the chance yet.

 College style is mainly a result of one playing around with trends and figuring out what works for the individual particularly. We here at Mr Button, have got you covered on this. Choose from our array of trendy and classic pieces to curate a look for yourself every morning.




A good pair of denim jeans is the most clichéd example of a classic and you’ll need a few in college. If you’re going to be living away from home, laundry is going to be, well, tough, to say the least. Denims go at least a week without a wash and go with about anything on top. Pick yours from our range of denims. Our Elevated Mood Casual Denims would go well with Mr Button Solid Henley T-shirt for your Friday class and then just change into The Arousing Lily Cotton Shirt for the start of the weekend.

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Invest in a Bag

Mr button college style bag

You’ll be more on the go unlike school where you set your bag according to routines beforehand. Get a bag like our Confident Sergent Cotton Satchel that adds to your college style in which you can throw in stuff with your laptop. Pledge to the Sorority of Style while you make the queens scream (hint: Nick Jonas’s TV stint).

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Neutral and Basic T-shirts


These are wardrobe staples which one can never have enough of. The Striker Star Round Neck T-shirt is one such gem that you can style with a printed shirt and add layers to your look or just wear it as it is to keep it minimal. Team this with a pair of denims and take your college style to a whole new level.

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Baseball T-shirts


There is something about these which raises the cool quotient of your college style from one to a hundred on hundred. The Baseball League T-shirt is the perfect pick for a game with your mates and cracking up open a cold one later. The internet. Sigh.

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Joggers are pants?


You’ll have long nights of work and will have times when you don’t want to wear legit pants but still don’t want to stand out for your ‘out of the bed’ look for all the wrong reasons. Our Vocal Musketeer Joggers with an interesting drawstring detail is made to be the saving grace of your college style on these days .

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Mr button college style

If you have the right ones, every pair will count. Take your pick between investing in a pair of Adidas Superstars or (insert; Damn Daniel in Josh’s voice) get back at it again a classic pair of white Vans.

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Keep ‘em formals ready!


Freshers’ meet, college balls, presentations and interviews are a few of the numerous occasions when you’ll need a good blazer.  This is the most essential part of your college style wardrobe for which you can visit our Guideshop and get a custom made suit with our stylist as your aide or check our website for different options like the Brooklyn Affair Linen Blazer and pair it with trousers of your choice. Take time and get this curated because a well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men. Period.

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Final Word

Say goodbye to the jitters and create some looks for your own college style by taking tips from this guide and adding your personal touches here and there.Strike the best balance between utility and appeal. Guys, this is your cue to up your game.


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Words by Aditya Sharma,
Marketing and Content Associate at MR BUTTON