Essential grooming hacks for the groom!

All Eyes on you so you better get this right.

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Hey there mate. If you reading this I am assuming you are on the road to your wedding day. You have a big checklist to tick, plan endlessly for the big day, arrange a number of activities around the wedding and other related actions before you don your outfit of a lifetime for the biggest day of your life. In this long run to the wedding day, many grooms ignore a grooming regimen for themselves. It’s very important that you take care of your hair, skin, facial hair, body hair and the face to look your best and compliment the expensive wedding attire you have invested in. More or less, you will like to look afresh in your photos which will make for a lifetime of memories, and not look like a tired show. You deserve to be looking and feeling your best for your big day, whether you’re bearded, mustachioed, or clean shaven, have long hair, short hair, or hair all over! We have got you covered with some essential grooming hacks so that you come out to be a radiant and sharp groom who brought his A- game to the wedding and the after parties.


Classic Hairstyle.
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A neat and classic haircut is advisable instead of a fashionable cut which may inspire creativity but the photos of your wedding will remain for a lifetime and you may end up looking really funny or scary down the line. Get the help of a professional hair stylist who will give you apt suggestions on the hairstyle keeping in mind your facial shape and factors like hair growth and texture. Get the cut a week before and they will be settled back in their natural form for your D-Day.


 Beard game on Point.

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If you fancy a clean shaven look on the wedding, go for a straight edge razor as it provides a very close shave, but schedule your exercise a day before or you may look funny. Consult an expert and you will be in good hands when it comes to your beard. We recommend you to go for a pampering session at the saloon with your boys and have some luxurious, relaxing shave with hot and steamy towels. If you are bearded and will like to take the vows in full beard then keep it all clean, combed and nicely trimmed in a crisp shape. You don’t want to look like a bearded monster on your wedding. We assume not, we recommend not.


 Acne and Blemishes. No way Bro!

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You have far left behind your acne marred teen age but then you grew up and you were more reckless than ever before. Acne is caused due to many reasons, stress and nutrient deficiency to name a few. Ensure that you are having an anti-oxidant rich food daily at least two months prior to the wedding. Include a lot of berries, flax oil, salads and drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. Sleep on time and try to avoid excessive stress. Bring in a good quality cleanser to keep your face clean and oil-free as acne is more prone to oily skins. Schedule a professional facial with an expert at least two weeks before the wedding so that the active ingredients used in the regimen have enough time to show on your face.


Wild Eyebrows and Nose hair.

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Nose hair and eyebrows often grow wild and wooly as you grow old. Trimming and tweezing the unruly unwanted hair will add to the appearance and will leave you spruced up. Many men prefer to get rid of the hair on other parts of the body and if you take our consent, it’s a good idea to clean up the growth on the shoulders and nether part of the body. Use of wax stripes or epilators will leave your skin smooth and can add up to some charisma later in the wedding night!


Million Dollar Smile.

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The wedding photographers will be in a frenzy state of mind when it comes to taking photographs of the wedding and other related ceremonies. Most of the time his lenses will be focussed on you and your million dollar smile. You better be prepared for all that attention and it starts from your pearly whites. Your lifestyle  has rendered your teeth to look nothing close to pearly white but then rescue is at hand. Start using a whitening toothpaste a few of months before hand and take an appointment with a professional dentist two weeks prior to the wedding day. The dentist will help you with cleaning and whitening regimen and will ask you to follow a routine to accentuate his job on your set. Feel confident in front of the photographers and savour a lifetime of memories.


Thy Hands.
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So you have taken care of all the details to look on point on the D-Day but you are ignoring your hands. The exchange of rings, the holding of hands and other long Indian ceremonies will attract a lot of attention to your hands. You need to have neat hands and clean finger nails.

Manicurists suggest easy and DIY methods to take care of your hands. Just in case you are too lazy to do it yourself you may always go to the nearest saloon. Prepare your hands by regularly using good quality hand moisturiser. Use a pumice stone several times a week to remove dead cell and start this regimen after soaking your hands in warm soapy water. Shape your nails with a filer to remove jagged edges and finish it with a rich non-oily hand cream.


Final word

A groom is the cynosure of the wedding and it’s incumbent upon him to look and feel his best. The grooming guide mentioned above will ensure that you look on top of the game and cherish your best day. Once again congrats for your wedding.


Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON