How to dress when you are short or too tall!

Our Stylists have just the right styling tips for you!


Styling is a layered process. There are multiple dimensions at which our style agents work for a client. The body type and the height of a person matters the most when it comes to deciding upon a look. Fabric, silhouette, print, trims and colour come together to create illusions that conceal flaws and flatter parts of the body which need more attention.

Were you the guy who was too ahead or too behind in the line for the morning assembly? Most short men live under the impression that their height is a hurdle when it comes to dressing up. On the other hand super tall men tend to feel awkward about their height too. Stick by to know how to make your height an asset by styling your clothes right.


The Guiding Rules.

Petite Men:

Streamline your look. It’s all about visual weight. The more vertical movement of the onlooker’s eyes you facilitate, the more height will be added.

Tall Men:

Segment your look. Breaking your height and not letting the eyes move swiftly up and down will reduce the emphasis on height.



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The coming in of pret-a-porter and fast fashion leaves it upon the shopper to decide the fit for themselves. It can be tricky to find the right one as off the rack clothes are not made keeping individual differences in mind. Our Style Agents are here to guide you right with how to dress your height right.


Shorter men should avoid clothes that don’t fit close. Drop crotch pants, slack fabric hanging here and there is a strict no. Pants should be strictly worn at least at mid-rise if not high. While layering can work in your favour if done correctly, too many drapes will surely make you look sloppy leading to the stereotypical “kid in father’s suit image”.


If you’re tall and slender, prefer wearing cropped trousers and jeans that are not too lose on your ankles. Go for interesting belts if you are into that. This will give a break on your torso making your body look proportionate. Opt for blazer-style jackets instead of bomber jackets to emphasise your shoulders to distribute the weight width wise.


Prints & Colour

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Pinstripes? Hell, yeah! Checks? Be very careful. Complicated prints that channel radial, alternate or horizontally progressive rhythm should be kept at bay. Give preference to repetitive arrangement of motifs so that movement of the eyes is not restricted. Monochromatic colour schemes will be better than combinations. Work the colours inwards from dark to light.

While layering try to go for options that make your torso look elongated. So, rather than wearing blazers for a formal event opt for a bandhgala. The fuss about lapels and collars is put aside and there is an illusion created by the long line of buttons which will make your body look long.


Have you always stood behind in group pictures and still didn’t have your head in the frame? Worry not. Try to have more pastels and light colours in your wardrobe to blur any sharp contours. Do not shy away from rocking colourful palettes.

Make colour blocking your thing. Any coloured horizontal panels on your t-shirt that halt the upward arrangement of elements will work wonders.

Go for large prints, horizontal and wide stripes. If you want to wear checks, stick to bold and big checks. Go for random or complex arrangement of prints.


Trims and Accessories.

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If you’re not so blessed in the height department shun chunky watches, anything that has huge buttons, broad ties and any other accessories that could weigh you down. Big red flags to huge pockets with flaps, broad lapels and hefty across-zippers. Suspenders however could be of great use and always spice things up.


Have you always avoided sleeping in any other bed than your own so that you don’t have to curl up into a human ball to fit? There’s no actual solution for that, but you could snap a few inches, visually, show your ankles, wear a watch with a wide strap, and colourful pocket squares. Wearing a hat could put a lid on your appearance and visible zippers that run across on pockets will go a long way.


Final Word

Zippers and buttons might seem too trivial and the math might seem too complex but trust me, all of these things together do make a substantial difference. Start step by step. Height should be off your list of things to worry about.


Words By

Aditya Sharma

Marketing and Content Associate at Mr Button