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Double Breasted Magic-The Canada Connect

Blogger and stylist Aksheev Puri, of Dapper Square.


Hi there you all. If you have been following my blogs and Instagram lately, you’ll know that I am here vacationing in Canada for the summer. I was in Vancouver, British Columbia for a week and now I am in Toronto for about two weeks till the 13th of June. This might get posted by the time I am already back in India but I thought I should pen down my thoughts for the blog while in the feel of it.

Like always, trying to get you something special, I will not disappoint you this time as well. This particular blog post is a special one by all means. One, it’s shot in one of my favourite cities in the world – Toronto and second, its my second collaboration with Mr.Button. So, its double treat people!


About Mr. Button, The Brand.
Mr. Button is one of India’s leading menswear brand which fulfills real time fashion needs of the urban Indian guy. It’s trendy, stylish, fresh, edgy and the list could go on. To be honest, Mr. Button is the only brand at the moment which understands what a 20 something guy would be looking for and delivers exactly that. Affordable pricing, Edgy designs and perfect fitting is what should drive you to Mr. Button’s Guide Shop right now.

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About The Outfit
The folks at Mr. Button were kind enough to send me one of my favourite suits from their new collection. Possibly, the most popular suit on their latest collection is the very classy Off-white double breasted The Sweet Mobster, as they call it. Here is how I styled it in my own sartorial way


The suit being so classy, made my styling job so much easier. And because its double breasted, it got even better. Double breasted suits are the most elegant type available out there. There is nothing more classy than a double breasted blazer hands down! If you are ever confused to buy a suit for yourself, go in for a double breasted one for sure. Even if it’s your first suit! Trust me on it. You’ll see the magic yourself!


The last time I collaborated with Mr. Button, they had sent me a very cool looking denim shirt and I even did a blog post on it. I thought of using it again for this look as it looked perfectly in sync with the suit. So I am all Mr. Button in this shoot except for the shoes.


About Canada Connect
Talking about the Canada Connect, I have this special bond with Canada and all parts of it. I happen to live in Canada for a year and a half when I was 5th grade young. Canada and Toronto have marks all over me and I totally love these marks. I am now back in India but a piece of me still goes back Toronto and Canada as a country which is why I keep visiting it every year. My brother lives there, so I have all the reasons go every year, hahaa! ?

I am going to end this post by saying something about traveling and how it helps us grow. I make it a point to travel a bit every year. Either outside India or in it, traveling is very essential for us humans to grow. When they say you find a new you, you actually do. You learn so much while traveling, one can’t even explain. I can go on and on talking about traveling and how much I love it but I think I ll leave it for a special blog I plan to do on it.

It’s goodbye from me at this point. As always, shoot all your queries to me on and I’ll reply to them asap. Till next time, enjoy rest of the shoot pictures below. Stay tuned and stay dapper – Peace ?


In pictures & written by – Aksheev Puri