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Do you feel The Rise?

Our Initiative to bring a twist at the workplace!

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There was a strange (read sweet) change happening at workplaces. More than the change at the workplaces it’s the massive increase in business and startups which broke the monotony at workplaces. There is a wind of change on how people are dressing themselves to their office. The workplaces are getting cooler in terms of their atmosphere and the dress code is getting more and more relaxed (can I say, chiller?).

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These workplaces are managed and run by young Turks who want to stand out and bring upon a change. Let’s take an example of an app development startup and the kind of vibe it exudes. People chilling and working on couches, discussing java codes over snooker table and testing beta versions while the new track from Diplo is blaring loud on the speakers. We can’t do all this wearing the so called formals which essentially consists of dark coloured trousers and shirts ranging from whites to pale pinks. No sir, you need to get in groove to work at such modern workplaces.

Let’s take a moment to make way for The Rise of the (un) Formals at the workplace. With the advent of millennials at work places, the vibes are getting younger and cooler. The strict regimen of formals is fast fading and people are announcing themselves in more relaxed attires. Also, the young work force spends lot of their time after work affairs at bars or cafes and it has kind of become weird to look all suited up at the bar where others are all drinking away to glory in semi formals or let’s say smart casuals.

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Our latest collection solves the problem of what to wear when you work at a creative office and how to slay it every time. The idea is to strike the right balance between something which is casual like sweatshirts, longline shirts and style it in a way that it gets the approval from the HR at your cool workplace. Advent of tailored joggers at workplace has shown huge acceptance and we massively advocate to wear it with your blazers and sneakers for maximum effect. Our new collection is also all about wearing the right amalgamation of sports inspired fabrics and silhouettes. We have done a wide array of neoprene Biker Jackets and trousers to take your new office wear to the next level.

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The Rise of the creative and cool workforce is getting bigger and that makes it imperative to dress sharp yet appear chilled out. The workplaces are fast accepting that wearing formals everyday is not the norm anymore and it’s time to imbibe a more relaxed and a casual style. We did our bit by presenting a collection around this phenomena, now it’s your turn to join The Rise.

Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON