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Decode The Street Style

Powerful menswear trends that emerged on the streets outside menswear SS/17 runways.

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The Spring Summer shows have come to an end and the fashion capitals of London, Milan, Paris and New York have witnessed top designers’s say on what to wear next season. The runaways across these cities were full of new or improved trends and while new concepts made their way, there was a different fashion show going outside these shows. Yes, I am talking about the street style of the attendees who may be anyone from fashion correspondent of New York Times or editors at GQ. They bring a new wave of trends which are sometimes faster than the trends going inside the shows. Street style has evolved to be one of the biggest influencer of fashion scene and we should learn from these notable trends as seen on fashion honchos this season.


1) Cuban Collar shirts-

cuban collar

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Cuban Collar – those wide opened collar, almost like a notch lapel of a blazer made their comebacks on runaways during 2014 notably at Canali and Louis Vuitton. However, it got it’s real respect and due this season. It was seen outside almost all shows as it’s the best thing to do when the temperature soars and you want to wear a loose and airy shirt with an effortless cool.


2) Embroidery-

Embroidery (1)

Fret not as minimal and character based embroidery or such patches are a big big trend  this season and the peacocks of menswear scene adorned them with a certain nonchalance. This trend is superbly subscribed by Gucci and D&G and everyone in between. It’s time to get a bit decorative, gents.


3) Statement Bombers-

bomber jacket (1)

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You still can manage with the classic Bomber jacket as worn by your father as it’s timeless. This time around, the street style mavens came out in large in statement bombers. We are talking cotton, silk and nylon versions with prints, patches and embroidery. We ain’t saying that the classic plain jane Bomber is dead but it’s time you should give it a well deserved sabbatical.


4) Relaxed Fit Trousers-

relaxed fit (1)

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Finally the undisputed reign of those skinny or slim fit jeans is slowing down and menswear trend saw a huge reckoning outside S/S 17 circuits. Many of our favourite street style doyens came out in wider leg trousers in cotton or linen blend and even denim was a rage in such cool and airy version of this cool fit. It’s going to be even bigger in times to come and now is time for you to get on to this one before anyone else.


5) The Double Breasted Blazer

double breasted (2)

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A classic arsenal in any one’s wardrobe, the shows witnessed some very dandy men turning out in some very cool DB jackets. It was the right answer to all the critics who had written epitaphs for this piece. It seemed that it was still the first choice of the fashion magnets and saw equally solid versions on and off the shows


6) Tote bags-

tote bag (1)

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All the designers were doing overtime on backpacks (not that we don’t like them) but the streets saw a new love with tote bags. Everyone doesn’t want to carry a backpack and new array of tote bags brought a fresh air. The minimal appeal of these bags is universally appealing and is sophisticated at the same time. Men across all the shows announced themselves in vivid versions of these bags and London saw a surge as the rains played dampener here and there. Get your tote game on, gents.


7) Trainers

trainers (2)

The days of brogues and derbies are not dead and show goers came out in large sporting their all time classics. The massive trend though, was a breed of men who made statements in their own take of trainers. Everyone from London to Milan to trade shows at Pitti, these men caused some street style moments in their trainers. A trend we have been advocating since long, sees it’s own version at these shows.


Street style is not going to die any sooner and with the advent of moments seen outside the shows, we believe it’s time we bring our radars on them. These styles will stay in the fray for months to come and we don’t see a reason not to get them going in your stride  as well.


Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON