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Bhanu X Mr Button: Debut

London Based blogger shows us how to hit the right cords in the Brit Summer.

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A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to collaborate with Mr Button. This was such an amazing opportunity for me because the brand is not only exciting but also because of their significant presence as an online channel. I shot some content with a young and very talented photographer I met who is based in London – Anthony Yates (Instagram: ayatesphoto).

I picked the following pieces from Mr Button as I wanted to style the looks myself by being able to use what I already had in my wardrobe. Hence, none of the looks are head to toe items from MR Button, this way I was able to incorporate my style and most importantly wear the clothes in a way that I feel most comfortable in. This allowed me to be creative which is what I love doing due to my passion for fashion (however cliché that may sound).

Now, before I get in to details of all the looks I have styled I want to point out that I have pinfolded the trousers / jeans. I am a big fan of pinfolding so I do it as often as possible. Pinfolding is not only a small adjustment that anyone can make to their outfit but it most definitely gives the whole outfit a more crisp and dapper look. Now, I also love accessorising I would never leave home without a watch on my wrist and I like accessorising my looks with chunky boho rings and bracelets. I have used a few different accessories for all the looks – sunglasses, bracelets, watch, rings, etc. A lot of men are not too comfortable with accessorising but I definitely believe it is essential to complete a look. My advice, do not be scared to push the boundaries when styling with accessories, just remember to not overdo it and to keep in mind that less is more!


Outfit: The Cherry Blossom Cotton Trousers

I really like these trousers, there are so many ways you can wear these. The obvious styling is to wear these trousers with a Shirt and a Blazer (formal look), I wanted to focus more on the casual / street style. I decided to wear them with a tall / long black t-shirt, black bomber jacket and black double monk strap shoes. I can understand that a lot of people might find ‘pink’ trousers a bit to overwhelming hence, it is very important to style them well with other pieces. The shade of these trousers is more of a pastel pink and works well with neutral colours – black / white.


Outfit: The Sea Horse Print

bhanu_0223 bhanu_0206



I did two looks: one with the Nehru Jacket and the other with the Blazer, same trousers in both looks. I always have liked patterned / printed suits, so when I saw this I was attracted towards it straight away. With the Nehru Jacket look, I went with a white cotton shirt from Mr Button to keep it classic. I decide to wear some tan loafers with this outfit, it goes perfectly with the Nehru Jacket and the white cotton shirt. The Blazer is a nice fit, I paired it with a white t-shirt along with black monk strap shoes. Trousers are premium cotton and fit really well – not too skinny nor too loose, made both the looks sharp.


Outfit: The Blue Retreat Linen Shirt


I love this shirt – its lightweight, comes in great colours, the patterns are really nice and it fits very well. You can wear this shirt casually or tucked into the pants for a formal look. I styled the shirt casually with a tall white t-shirt, ripped black jeans and dark tan dessert boots.


In pictures and written by Bhanu Ranjan.