The bad boys guide to white shirts


white shirt inside

The most basic element of a man’s wardrobe is the humble shirt. You may own one or many but it will always be something which will need regular reboot if you want your self in A- listers of stylish gents wherever you are. How about the humble white shirt? The one which is your saviour and has silently kept its charm intact with any thing you wear. It’s the right time to recognise it’s sartorial dominance and disrupt the kind of white shirts you have been wearing. It’s time your humble white shirt gets Bad-Ass.


The new collection, The Disruptive Summer consists of five top notch white shirts with a rebel edge. As the name aptly suggests, it’s envisaged to disrupt your mundane white shirt. We love to have a story behind every style and a sharp sinister twist to a white shirt will never hurt anyone. The bad-ass, “I know what I am doing” attitude will be your trump card when you go out and the subtle spin to these styles will keep your mysticism intact. Who doesn’t like a mystery or two ?


Here are the 5 white shirts which are bent on disrupting your shirt game this season.

The Sweet Rachel Cotton Shirt

A white shirt, a ditsy print and then a strong denim patch pocket. The result is a sure fire way to upgrade your badassery levels. This printed white shirt is your best bet when you want to appear classic with an element of charisma.


The Dirty Sanchez Cotton Shirt

The name suggests this shirt is apt for all your dirty escapades. The short sleeved shirt is probably the biggest trend to make a comeback and when added with prints, this becomes a wardrobe must have. The zip detail on the chest is to add some punk and the bold eppaulette detail on the arms is to enhance your guns.


The New Sun Cotton Shirt

Who thought a plain white shirt will get on to the list of bad ass white shirts. A crisp white shirt holds the power to make you a hero from zero and it totally depends on how you pull it off. Wear it to your formal events or mix it with your ripped denim. The dominance is universal and you shall be ready to imbibe its virtues.


The Serene Flamboyance Shirt

A linen shirt which went rogue. This calm and cool shirt packs a lot of character. The slim fit ensures you don’t look like an art gallery intern but a dude who keeps his agitated mind at peace when in this shirt. Linen shirt had long been associated with serenity but this one breaks it with some flamboyance.


The Pique Candidate Cotton Shirt

The guy next door gone wrong and how. This white cotton shirt comes with leather suspender detail and is an instant head turner where ever you may be. Pair it underneath your tuxedo, or just go with your every day denims with untucked shirt and you will attract the right eye balls.




Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON