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Well here comes the spring again and you must be thinking how to dress up well when you are striving hard to find sometime for yourself, busy filling your taxes in the March end. Here we bring to you four best connoisseur florals on how to manage it all perfectly for all your AM-PM affair as we know looking good isn’t self-importance; its self-respect. Picking up from our new arrivals our style editors are featuring you top styles to wear this spring from Mr Button.


The Cuban Game

Shop- The Good Herb Printed Shirt

Forget the classic spread collar and enjoy wearing these chic shirts on casual evenings from Mr Button. Pair it up with new leather espadrilles along with white trousers.


The Floral Romance

Shop-The Tropical Twist Printed Shirt

Ah, she getting irritated always with formals and your daily wardrobe. Arouse your romance wearing this shirt, which will play a different heart game with her. And she would love the all you new style of yours.


The Blooming Beat

Shop-The Goan Vibes Floral Shirt

Show and tell the world about your latest obsession with comfort when you adorn this well-crafted printed shirt to create a lasting impression on all who lay eyes on it. Pair it with black trousers and brogue easily carry it off at office, day outings or even on a shopping spree.


The Hibiscus Glory

Shop-The Moroccan King Printed Shirt

What’s more passionate a camouflage print or a floral? Well the answer is a Hibi-Flage a combination of two iconic prints. Strut this well with olive trousers & sneakers for a club outing and be ready for the limelight which you gonna bestow.

Shop-War & Peace



This year floral prints are in full bloom, this fashion trend can be subtle with small flowers and monotoned fabrics, or bold and bright to make a statement. Mr Button makes sure you’re not letting the pattern wear you. We define what’s next so you can make smarter decisions today. Slaves to fashion are never chic!


Words by

Shevali Singh

Menswear Designer at Mr Button

5 Unconventional styles to wear this Valentine’s Day!

Well it’s that time of the year again. Valentine’s Day is such a massive phenomena that a lot of things are at stake viz. your relationship status, your affection meter, your chemistry with your girl and the whole nine yard of it. Dressing sharp comes out to be a pivotal factor in sealing the deal with your beau on this day. For an average well dressed chap, a slick suit or a dress shirt or a nice suede jacket will be one of the few first bets to nail the look. However, what’s the fun in doing something which is done by every other man in the room? Our editor’s have complied a list of super stylish pieces which shall get your valentine’s day mojo going at the same time will also break the stereotype. We’re suggesting to bring about a change in how you dress and take a look at these styles for this V Day.


The Indirect Hint Tunic Shirt 

Oh boy, let’s get things shaken with this super sharp tunic. The easy cut of this shirt tunic will let you go places on a very charming V-day’s evening, and what’s better than wearing roses on your shirt. Lol. The tiny rose motif on this tunic makes it for a bit of drama as some element shall be required on this day! Pair it with your denim or a sharp pair of trousers. Want to add some flair (hell yea) then go for a blazer and keep the tunic all tucked out. Don’t forget to keep your date all planned for some of the brownie points.


The Strict Jury Nehru Jacket 

A Nehru jacket is a successful method to announce yourself to any kind of date you are planning. We bring to you something which is not a normal Nehru jacket but has a twist to it. This one is a borderline smart ethnic, but if you play it wisely it can be one of the coolest pieces in your wardrobe. Wear it with a nice printed shirt and denims for a very smart appearance. Your lady will like you even more for trying something out of the box and you will feel confident about how things are going in your favour throughout the evening and later into the night.


The Blurred Dreams checked Shirt 

A plaid shirt might not be considered to be the best v-day date option but then we are here to break those notions. Our editors have selected this plaid shirt to be your go to option for this special day. A plaid shirt is down right masculine and is a vintage top marks earner when it comes to dressing down. A date is all about expressing your individuality and this premium cotton shirt will let you do it with some aplomb.


The Agile Racer Formal Trousers 

Talking of something out of the box, we present to you a very sharp trouser but with a spin. The white stripe in the sides is a new twist to your basic black trousers and it needs an immediate space in your wardrobe. Valentine’s Day is all about doing something unthinkable yet impactful and this piece will help you attain good points from your beau and wherever you go. Keep it simple with a sharp blazer and make sure you reserve a roof top place in advance. 


The Rival Single Breasted Blazer 

A blazer on a date night. Check. A crisp shirt. Check. A sensual perfume. Check. You got checked on major lists but considering you are a dapper dude, you have been doing this since day one. What’s different on this day then? Well go for a blazer with some subtle yet powerful stripe detail like this one. The soft cotton fabric shall keep you in active zone and the soothing colour will help you announce your upcoming warm weather mood. May we suggest a fresh side fade on your skull and a trimmed beard to complete the look?


Shop new styles >


Final Word

For an occasion as stereotypical as this, it is on you to make it as unconventional as you can. We’ve told you how you could do it, the final choice would be yours.


Words by,

Akshat Singh

Chief of Products

At Mr Button

The Shirt Fit – Vol III

Beside from the shirt placket, most shirts feature a plain front without any additional elements other than chest pockets. Modern shirts sometimes feature darts or decorative stitching, but that’s not classic.

 Informal designShirts that have a pocket on the front side falls under the category of informal shirts.


Formal design: Shirts that have no pockets on the front and have a plain fall, lie under the category of formal shirts.


 Evening and Special Occasions: Some shirts that have detailing not the front such as a tuxedo shirt are shirts that need to be saved for a particular occasion.


Types of cuffs

 French Cuffs– Formal


Barrel cuffs– Classic and Casual

Height of cuffs: Traditional (outdated) cuffs usually sit between 7.5/8cm, whereas contemporary classic cuffs are about 6 cm and anything less is on the more fashionable side.

Length of the shirt

The length of your shirt is just as important as the width, so always remember to keep it in mind.

Shirts need to be long enough to tuck into the waist band of your trousers and stay there even when you’re raising your arms.

Hem of the shirt

1. Classic Hem–  The tail and front hems are longer than the sides, so it doesn’t come untucked during the day. The classic shirt is worn tucked in.

2. Straight Hem– A casual shirt that you can wear untucked on a more relaxed occasion, straight hems are the way to go.


There are three main collar types: Pointed, spread and  button-down. A collar of a shirt is a major component that goes in the making the look of the shirt. There are three main collar types: Pointed, Spread and Button-down.

• A shorter man should prioritise a crisp, streamlined look wherever possible, and thus avoid a button-down in a formal context (unnecessary detail) or a spread collar, as this creates the impression of width rather than height.

• For a guy with a heavier build, we recommend a pointed collar as this can be slimming and flattering for a wider face.

• If you’re the tallest guy in the room, a spread collar might be a good bet as it will create a sense of balance.

Final Word: So these are the elements that you need to keep in mind while looking for a perfect fit. Happy Shopping!

Words By:

Sehaj Arora

Marketing & Content Associate

At Mr Button

The Shirt Fit – Vol II

Some of the key elements that you need to keep in mind before buying a shirt:

Chest: The best shirts allow a full range of motion, fitting comfortably around your chest, across your back, and under your armpits. If you have selected a shirt with a slim cut, it should be comfortable rather than tight.

Shoulders: Check where the sleeve of the shirt attaches to the body. This seam should sit comfortably near to the top of your shoulders; it should not ‘pull’ or billow.

This is what a well fitted shirt looks like.

Collar: This should be comfortable but not roomy. See if you can button it easily and if you can slide two fingers inside: fewer than two and it will be too snug, more than two and it will be too big.

The STRUCTURED FIT sits in between the classic and the slim fit, providing the best of both worlds when it comes to comfort and style. A slightly tapered silhouette with the waist sometimes in combination with small back darts create a trimmer look than the classic fit that looks good even without a jacket without sacrificing comfort. The armholes are high, the sleeves have some room but are not too wide, and the yoke extends to or just past the shoulder bone.

So these are a few parameters that you need to keep in mind before buying a shirt, because wearing well fitted clothes can take you places.


Words By:

Sehaj Arora

Marketing & Content Associate

At Mr Button

Decoding The Fundamentals

To be looked up to for anything, be it for the kind of work you do or what interests you or simply your personal style, it is on you to know about what goes behind it. To be opinionated & rightly so. To understand the fundamentals behind it all, because let’s face it, our teachers & parents never lied when they said ‘Your fundamentals should be strong!’

We at Mr Button are all about getting them basics right & develop a strong base for one to build up on. The same goes for your wardrobe. You can’t be well equipped if you don’t have fundamentals to back you up! After following the trends that top designers displayed on the fashion runways & what would work for the Indian men, we bring to you our all new collection ‘Fundamentals Of Suave’ which will absolutely live up to it’s name.

The polished gentleman, the confident boss, the charming boy next door. They’ve all been redefined. Here are the #FundamentalsOfSuave decoded, only for you!



It is time we saw this trend as a fashion staple & not just a fad. The mighty plaids have managed to show us time and again that they are not going to let us down. It’s our time now to show them that appreciation. We’ve used a lot of plaids in the form of blazers, shirts, trousers and nehru jackets purely because it is one fundamental that some of the most renowned designers swear by. And to be honest, it’s a plaid suit that they say is the future of menswear fashion! We leave it for you to decide from here.



A well equipped wardrobe should have enough solids to accentuate the other fundamental pieces like plaids & weaves. Out of the three fundamentals, this my friend is one of utmost importance! Want to try a plaid suit? Break the print with a solid shirt and you’re going to be the next style guru. A solid shirt, blazer or a trouser is something that’ll always come in handy to break the print or just get your colour blocking right. So go stock ‘em up!



Call it embroidered or weaves, these have the capability to add that omph factor that your outfit may require at times. Be it you planning to meet your sweetheart’s army dad or just heading for that reunion which is the most talked about affair in town, you won’t have to think twice. The fun patterns weaved on premium fabrics are all set to be one of the fundamentals of your wardrobe which you’ll never want to part with!


Final word.

These styles are going to be a part of your wardrobe in ways you could never imagine. They are what you need to be up pace with what’s trending & tell the world that you know your s**t!



Words By

Aparna Chopra

Marketing & Content Manager

At Mr Button

The Perfect Shirt Fit

A shirt is a staple style that will complete your wardrobe. There are a lot components that go in the making of a perfect bespoke shirt. It’s the small things that go in the making of a shirt that makes it stand out. We at Mr Button are constantly thriving to achieve that perfect fit of a shirt & let us tell you that we’re already there!

Our shirts are crafted to perfection by our highly skilled set of craftsmen who pay attention to little details and help us create styles that fit you just the way you’d want.

Our signature Structured fit is what you should be interested in. After our own research, we’ve successfully created the perfect shirt in different sizes which fits well even to people who have that tad bit extra weight holding on their body.

It can also be referred to as a tailored shirt, and gives a more tailored, elegant shape, perfect for wearing both tucked and untucked. It helps accentuate your slim waist while keeping it well fitted around your chest and shoulders. Anyone who has broad shoulders, or a much narrower torso compared to the rest of their body is going to benefit from the structured shirt.

Here are some of the elements of a structured fit:

Shoulder– Seam should meet at the corner of your shoulder bone.

Collar: should be able to slide 2 fingers when closed.

Armholes: High enough without causing restricted motion.

Sleeve: Neither tight or billowy, should allow natural motion.

Torso: should not give more than 3-4” of fabric when pulled lightly away from the body.

Length of Sleeve: Should end where your palm meets your wrist about 1” beyond your wrist bone.

Final Word

We’re sure you’ve realised by now how important it is to get the fit absolutely bang on. A shirt with the perfect fit is as good as brownie with ice cream & with all those extra choco chips. So, visit the Mr Button Guideshop soon to get your hands on the structured fit shirt to kick up your style game.



Words By:

Sehaj Arora

Marketing & Content Associate

At Mr Button

It’s time to play your Ethnic right

Whoa whoa whoa! Ethnic season is knocking right at the door and here you are figuring out what colors to wear? Well, this post will help you keep your confusion aside and take you through all the right styles and colors making you the ultimate style icon.

So, for all of you men, suiting up for the next wedding this season take a look at these hottest picks that one must own.


NOBLE RUST MAGICShop this style >

If you want to go really bold with your look, then this bandhgala blazer is just the one for you. This royal choice is sure to leave you by surprise with it’s super cool comfort and is fit to dance the night away in.

Team up the whole look with rust colored trouser which is definitely the best color mix to step out in the subtlest manner.



Shop this style >

Your wedding wardrobe is never complete without one classic black suit! You know why? We’re letting you know sir.

Nothing new but something which has always been there is your black blazer. This timeless favorite with classic white thread work detailing is enough to make you come out of the wedding style paradox and land in style.



Shop this  style >

Bandhgala is for any occasion but certainly a must for the season of celebration. So, for next you’re heading to, make sure to go for this maritime blue bandhgala blazer and pair it up with your navy blue or black trouser. This one regal approach will sway away the usual wedding looks & will certainly keep you under the spotlight.


Shop this style >

Don it over t-shirts, shirts, or tunics? A Nehru Jacket is guaranteed to add the right amount of ethnicity to your usual hangings in your closet and goes perfectly well with almost everything. If you are clueless on what to wear to your pals wedding and you’re done with suiting up for all the time? This essential part of your wardrobe is just the right pick for some casual vibes to ace the wedding dress code.



So, what are you waiting for? Go and style these looks the way you like and let those eyes roll over your picks!


Words by

Ishdeep Kaur

(Blogger at: Modaradici Blog)

Guest writer at Mr Button 


A pea-coat is one of the few items that every fashion connoisseur and the general public will agree it’s worth spending good money on. The general thumb rule I would say is that you should buy one coat per year, which will see you through autumn and winter. Also I said “coat” and not jackets, those we can buy as many as we want. Basically the logic is to pick one coat and spend good amount to avoid wearing something which looks like outerwear but plays the similar role as one. It’s not just quality you need to consider, though – longevity is important too. With winters in mind, you would like to look at a style which is classic yet goes with everything. By classic and versatile doesn’t mean go for the same old black, I am sure you would have the black hanging in your wardrobe right now. So what else you can try?

There are multiple options available from long coats to waxed jackets. But one style which have been there and is ruling the runways as well as the streets is a Pea Coat.
The peacoat is one of those jackets that quietly makes men more stylish without shouting too loud about it. Worn successfully by celebrities and royalties, it’s a style that works on everyone, which is why it’s gone viral and stayed viral since it first appeared way back in the 1800s. What’s the secret to its enduring success? Like most menswear classics, it’s versatile. You can suit it up and wear with your classic shirt and scarf and at the same time play with your joggers and a turtle neck on weekends. Well I obviously paired it the way I enjoy dressing up, with classic white shirt and trousers.



Now let’s come to the color Camel. The very light brown shade which we all own may be in form of a trench coat or a formal derby. Even now, some men still take a bit of converting to camel. Certainly, it’s not as safe as some less showy shades. If you’re among the sartorial men, then rejoice: the color is practically omnipresent for all the seasons. Yes, you will always see camel in some or the pother way in the winter collection. From the cashmere sweaters to a classic two piece suit, it’s as I said, omnipresent. This also adds an interesting color palette to your wardrobe. This color coordinates itself with what you wear it with and makes every outfit look different.


With this coat, I paired this stylish cyanish blue trousers with minimal beige checks. The beige and blue compliments each other and creates a fashionable contrast. And what’s better than pairing this with a classic white shirt.



When it comes to accessories and shoes, I have kept it minimal and dark so that there is a contrast of color. I am wearing dark brown oxfords and a brown leather wristband which complements the camel color. Also I have stuck to my favorite silver metal watch. The double breasted pea coat gives a very classy retro feel and therefore try to jazz it up more with big retro sunglasses. You can always opt for classic aviators as well for this look.



It all started with a camel color overcoat. It’s not quite the alpha and omega of go-to essentials, but it’s up there. At the same time, it’s a look-at-me statement piece that can turn any outfit into an ‘alphet’ in a way that common navy or grey outerwear simply can’t. As you’d expect from a tailored coat, you can layer it over sweaters as well as tee shirts or shirts. As you can see I am wearing it with a shirt because we down south are not as blessed with winters as up there. Camel is on the lighter side, so I’d suggest anchoring it with colors which can enhance the color more. You can always choose the dark shades like navy or charcoal but the fun of mixing it with other pastels is something else. It just elevates the whole look and feel of the jacket.

In Pictures & words by

Jatin Jay (The Style Doodler)