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Are we sensing a Getaway! 

Why shouldn't you travel in style?

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Every once in a while, the travel bug finds it’s way to bite us right where it hurts the most. You log on to Instagram or Facebook and your feed is flooded with pictures of your friends (NOT!) chilling in every corner of the world. I’m sure we all have at least one of those acquaintances who wouldn’t miss an opportunity that would mean travelling. And if you are one of those (count us in too!) then even a day off might make you want to drive down with your mates to that resort which you have been wanting to go for a long time.

You already know what all you’d need, a t-shirt or two with a comfy pair of joggers or shorts, shoes, your wallet, toiletries and maybe a jacket depending on where you are going or even then, it is always a good idea to layer it up.

Now for these many things you can’t take your usual trolley bag because it is a tad bit too big, and your messenger bag might be a little too small. This is where a Weekender Bag comes in. The perfect blend of the two, not too big neither too small (doesn’t that sound perfect?). It will carry all your essentials and has enough space to cater to a little shopping which may or may not happen. Did we mention that this was made keeping in mind the ideal dimensions of a cabin bag? We did now.

Even the top stylish celebrities are using one! Why would you want to miss out?


To make your travelling easier we have a few top picks which you may consider for your next getaway.




This one we would suggest for the ones who might want to leave right after work. The colour would be perfect to carry if you work in a corporate set up and you have certain restrictions. But if it’s for a day then we’re sure your HR wouldn’t mind.




Time to get adventurous! This camo bag will get your wild side on. We all know how combat is trending these days, so if you can get what you need, which also happens to be trending, then why not?




We recommend this one for all the risk takers out there. The colour and the motifs just scream gamble! Apart from carrying all your essentials, it would also grab a lot of attention, which you would want on a holiday, right?


We have to tell you that all these bags have a detachable shoulder strap which will come in handy if you might have to walk a little more than expected. The pocket outside can carry your phone for you and the one inside could keep your cash safe. Ideal for a getaway, right?


Our Editors have seen that a backpack is also one essential you wouldn’t mind investing in. Know why here. 

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Words by Ms. Aparna Chopra,
Marketing and Content Associate at MR BUTTON