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Fashion is constantly changing at an alarming rate. Despite the ever-changing fashion seasons, trends and collections, timeless pieces always remain.

The same goes about double-breasted suits, which I personally find really masculine and classy.

The Mr. Button Full Throttle DB is sharper and more sophisticated than older styles. The jacket is close to the torso, with elevated sleeves and sharp shoulders that don’t create excessive bulk. It’s short length elongates the frame giving a more contemporary look.

The Evening Fever Formal Trousers have been streamlined for a classic sharp cut. This formal trouser will make eyes turn when in office or after hours.

For this look I tagged the Mr. Button DB and Trousers with a pair of White Converse to give it a Sporty Formal Look.

The double-breasted suit is the easiest way to show off a bit of finesse and self-confidence.

Although its appeal comes and goes, as long as men regard the suit as a symbol of male elegance and power, the double-breasted suit will always justify its inclusion in top-style wardrobes.




Mr. Button Full throttle Double Breasted Jacket>

Mr.Button Terry Rayon Trousers>


In pictures & written by – Puneet Gaur