A single man’s guide to surviving the Valentine’s Day!

Being single is not that bad after all!


You have been working day in and out and trying hard to ignore the impending Valentine’s Day and the whole nine yards of shenanigans attached to this date. You have been telling yourself that it’s just a day and shall pass. Now you are on the V-day eve and the sudden realisation of being single (alone) is striking hard and to make matters worse, happy memories of the past V-Day are flashing in front of you. Take it easy dear friend, let the world do what they think is best on this day and you will survive and come out stronger. We have had a brainstorm session at the HQ and have compiled a list of probable activities a single man can do this V-Day. (The list has been compiled by many individuals most of them single.)


Make a Date with Great Outdoors!


Oh yes good brother, nature is the best mood (read moral) booster. Pack your bags and hit the outdoors, go to the nearest hill station or into the woods and spend couple of nights in the nature’s lap.


Rearrange Your Pad.


So you just had a break up and are still recovering from the post breakup symptoms and here comes the V-Day. You realise that your pad has so many memories of you together and how that painting from flea market in Prague is making you sad every time you see it and brings back memories of the trip you made together. It’s time to change the scenery a bit as science shows that it helps in perking you up. Invite a buddy and grab some beers and reconfigure your pad. The satisfaction of doing up your pad is sublime and you will feel good about it.


TV Binge.

tv binge

So you are single and not in mood to head out coz of the fear that you will feel sad to see bevy of couples walking hand in hand. It’s okay, sit at home and grab some beer and get cozy on the sofa in front of your swanky new smart TV. Stream shows on Nextflix, the ones you always wanted to watch but somehow they were not favoured by your beau. Now is the time to watch them back to back and forget the world outside.


Gift Yourself.


Let the love smitten boys spend a fortune on their queens in order to woo them this day. Consider yourself good and spend some cash and buy yourself a good gift. How about that new phone you have been thinking of, or the new home theatre or those limited edition kicks? Go out and indulge yourself in self pampering.


Bro Night.

bro night

Relieve the stress of being single and call in your single boys gang. There will be few single men in the gang who like to let loose on this day. Why be alone when you may be alone with your boy gang? Hit out to the bar and drink away the night to glory. Get together and hit out to the cinemas and watch a movie, that you would have never watched with a woman. Or just stream in your favourite sports or movies at home. Don’t forget to go lavish on the food and late night deliveries.


The Deluxe Treatment at the Saloon.


Make this V-Day all about yourself. Take a leave or leave early from office and hit your favourite saloon or spa for some luxe treatment. Pamper yourself to glory and spend some time to make yourself feel better and smoother with deluxe packages for men. Take your single status as a boon and go out and spend your hard earned cash on yourself. We can’t think of any better way than this to spend a lone V-day, after all you would feel good about this day. A day well spent on yourself.


Hit Out and Hit Big.

hit big

So it’s not only you who are single and alone on the V-day. Pretty ladies in despair are also lonely and they hit out to the bars. Oh yes, all the taken girls are already enjoying the couple dinner and other things to do on the V-day. Single girls, just like you, are chilling at the bar and it’s your chance to strike a conversation and take things further. The ice breaking can be easy as both of you are at the bar to maybe (maybe not) start a banter. Get your style game on and get going. Remember the best starting line in the world is a simple hi and nothing dramatic. Good luck pal.


Attend a Match Making (kinda) Event.


Being single is not an outer space experience. There are many of us who are single and yes also ready to mingle. This has given rise to new age events where like minded, single people get together and do some ice-breaking activities and then take it further, if they click. This is a face to face meeting and the first hand experience helps. Who knows you bump into someone who will help you erase the memories of the past and shall make you fall in love all over again. Trust us, this is for real and has intellectual people joining in. Look out for such events or activities in your area and enrol now.


Join a Hobby Class.


You wanted to do something cool, something creative but could never find the time and that thought has been on procrastination mode since then. This V-Day get up and get going and sign up for that Italian cuisine class (run by cute Italian chef from Sicily) or join the drinks and bartending class. Why stop yourself from learning something new. Make use of this day and get on with something of your interest.


Work on the Reason.


Finally, it’s time to mull over the fact that your single status is not good for you. Yes, you have enjoyed your reckless, wild, no questions asked days and nights but then a certain pause is required. Reflect on your ways and make it a point to work on certain parts of your personality. No one is asking you to change the way you are and become a different person, but mending few errors never hurt anyone. Call in your ex and ask her if she is doing good, it’s not a bad idea at all. Move on and be strong as this is not the end of the world.


Final Word

Single status can bring huge array of opportunities. Instead of feeling depressed about your love life, start fresh and you would be a better person. The V-Day is just a date, an occasion of showing and exhibiting love. Use it for yourself and find some answers. It’s not too bad after all.


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Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON