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A Girl’s Secret to Make You More Sexy.

You better listen when 'she' speaks.

sexy inside

Gentlemen, have you ever felt that being called ‘sexy’ takes a little extra effort? Good looks are not the only thing one needs when it comes to that. Girls being girls are way more observant than you’d think. We notice every single detail about a guy, having a cute face is just a bonus. But now it is time to decode why women are from Venus, and what you need to do in order to send shivers down their spine!


Be pleasant, please.

be pleasant please

The biggest turn on for a girl is this! Your persona makes all the difference. And mind you this would include everything from the way you talk to the way you dress up and carry yourself and not to forget, how you treat others around you! Every single detail matters. After all you’re not looking at impressing teenagers mate. If you want a woman worth keeping, you need to be worth having!


Genuine Communication Skills

genuine communication skills 1

Talk to us if there’s something bothering you, and ask us if we don’t behave the way we usually do. Don’t act like a creep but ensure that you understand what a girl is trying to say. Sorry to break it to you, but life ain’t no Bollywood movie. A no is a NO. Being understanding is what defines sexy for us.


Not treating us as objects.

not treating us like objects

Isn’t this self-explanatory? Show us that you mean what you say and treat us right. Showing us off in front of your friends but not bothering to even return our calls is not at all cool. Mind you, it interests us to know all about how you were in your past relationships and understand what you’ve learnt from them (Guess who’s the Judge?)!


Letting us be the way we are!

Letting us be the way we are!

We would want to be like an open book with the ones we love. Letting us be in touch with that miniature feminine side that you have and at the same time dealing with the tiny man inside us. Letting us know all about your insecurities makes us more comfortable in chilling with you.


Owning a pet

own a pet

Well this will surely help us decide how you might treat us. If you treat your (and our) pet nicely, then we can assure you that for the girls (who loveeee pets, of course) you’re sorted.


Change is always good.


We know that the act of bringing upon a change isn’t easy. You should still consider bringing a twist in the way you do things for us. It could be as simple as a change in the hairdo you’ve been sporting for way too long now. Or maybe ditch the usual ‘table for two’ at our (read your) favourite restaurant and surprise us. Sudden twists and turns make us happy.


We won’t project stereotypes on you, but then neither should you.


Gone are the days when girls were only associated with her cooking skills. The sexiest thing for us would be our partner supporting all our dreams. We ask for very little.


The way you look at us.

the way u look at us

You need to believe us when we say that we can judge you by the way you look at us or other girls around you when we’re together. Just maintain that eye contact with us and hold that conversation we were having before we bumped into your colleague!


Trying too hard!

tryin too hard

Just don’t do that. Do not use cliche lines with us. ‘I think I’ve seen that pretty face before!’. Well maybe you have, maybe you haven’t, but we’re still going to believe in the latter and pretend that we heard our name somewhere *pfft* Goodbye my lovahhh, goodbye my friend!


Some chivalry, maybe?

Some chivalry, maybe?

This is surely something that isn’t necessary, making it sexier when you are chivalrous! We wouldn’t wait in the car waiting for you to open the door for us (we’re independent freaks, kay?) but yes a simple ‘thank you!’ at times when we do something for you is what we would appreciate more!


We try and be all prim and proper, only to expect the same!

prim and proper

We understand that everyone has sweat glands working at different rates. But it is important for you to keep that in mind, because let’s face it, you would always remember how that girl smelled like fresh berries! This holds true for us too! Also, clipped nails and well groomed stubble is appreciated much! *Get them brownie points!*


You know our friends, plan something maybe?

You know our friends, plan something maybe? 2

We talk about our girlfriends all the time for you to know just the right one to get in touch with, if incase you’re planning something for us (get the hint bro!). Even is it is just a simple dinner that you cook for us (we love men who can cook!), just knowing that you’ve been planning it would make us feel all the more special.


We hope we have been able to break myths for you. Do not go with what everyone does, but concentrate on what makes you different! The key to a healthy relationship is being true to your partner and sticking by in times you know is just not possible. Being sexy is more than just good looks and having a great body. We girls like to believe in someone who can make us fall in love with ourselves by just looking at us!

Picture Credit: Pinterest

Words by Ms. Aparna Chopra,
Marketing and Content Associate at MR BUTTON