8  Menswear Wardrobe Essentials You Can Give Your Girl to Try!

As essential for her as it is for you.


The universal problem of your girl (friend) complaining about not having enough clothes to wear, in spite of her wardrobe overflowing with them, is surely something you are accustomed to by now. At times of such crisis, you surely come up with an answer as ignorant as ‘Wear that Red Dress you wore to the club that night.’ But hey, you realise that the fact that you REMEMBER what we wore is going to make us want to go shopping? Also, at times like these, when we are struggling with the standard ‘What to Wear’ crisis, we ain’t gonna care about the fact that you were sweet enough to remember what we wore (we’d appreciate on any other occasion, just clarifying.)

Anyway, here’s what you should do to help her, because you don’t want to miss that movie or the reservation you made for two at your fav place. Instead of telling her what she could wear from her wardrobe, why don’t you simply offer her something from yours? Yes you read that right! A girl LOVES a man’s wardrobe. Irrespective of how many white shirts or t-shirts or even denim shirts she might have, she’s always going to like the one that’s on you, more.

We are also heading towards a trend where over-sized clothes and comfort clothing wins over gender clothing. Fashion doesn’t have a gender no more. Brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton were one of the first brands to head towards androgyny.

So, if your girl feels put together in your plaid shirt, then why would you not want to give that to her? Or even consider getting one for her the next time you’re confused as to what to gift her. Here’s what you could consider and why,



White Shirts

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A white shirt in her wardrobe (specially if it’s a men’s shirt) is as much as a staple for her as it is for you. She could wear it in ways you never thought were possible. And if she decides to wear your gift for her meeting and it goes well, you might be earning some brownie points too!


Plaid Shirts

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Believe it or not, but your girl’s gonna love a plaid men’s shirt more than she would like a cute floral dress. She can wear it in innumerable ways and each time she does, she’s gonna fall for you a little more (you might just too!).


Plain T-Shirts

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You could consider getting her a plain t-shirt (which obviously is going to be oversized on her) because that’s the one thing (out of many) which will go with everything in her wardrobe, be it her denim shorts or skinny jeans or even that printed skirt she has somewhere but is finding a little to girl-y to wear.



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This is one of the best things you could gift her. You might decide to give her yours too after you see how good she looks in one! No kidding, imagine she turning up for a date in a blazer and a dress underneath which you can barely see! We know we got you there!



mr button sweat shirt

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A sweatshirt would be a cute addition to her wardrobe and she will thank you for giving her one, specially on those days when she doesn’t even want to get up. All she needs to do is slip into one and she’s sorted (so are you my friend. And IF you’re lucky enough, you might be able to skip her usual tantrums because she’s sorted).



mr button watch

A nice chunky watch is the only accessory a girl needs when she wants to keep it simple yet stylish. So here’s your cue to get her one. And a little tip, go for a chunky watch but less bliiiiiiiing. You might want to consider her choice for picking the perfect one.


Bow Tie

mr button bow tie

For a girl who likes to experiment, this one would be an ideal thing to get. The kind of sass it would add to her look (and personality) would be worth watching! We’d suggest a printed one, that should keep her busy (and happy) for sometime.


Leather Jackets

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You might not notice, but your girl might be eying your favourite leather jacket for a long time now. And if you love it as much as she does, consider getting her one so that she doesn’t strip you off yours! Also, from woman to man, you’re going to love how she looks!

Now imagine this, you wake up in the morning and see your girl lying next to you (we see that grin on your face mate!). It was probably too late for you and her to manage going home, so you decided to call it a night in your den. What would you get her from your wardrobe? Did we manage to answer that question for you?


Picture Credits: Pinterest


Words by Ms. Aparna Chopra,
Marketing and Content Associate at MR BUTTON