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7 very sexy Bollywood songs we should not forget!

After all, they are still sexy!


Bollywood has always been larger than life. It has been an integral part of our lives and gives us so much to live on. Bollywood is blessed with supreme talents and the dancing queens of the bygone era are the ones we should never forget. These sirens have enthralled men of all ages and were bold, vivacious and stunningly sexy on their screen appearances. These songs clearly portray the dominance of stunningly hot ladies over clueless men and that makes them even more mysterious. They still make us move and the Indian DJ’s have created numerous versions of them to keep the legacy alive. These videos are the ones our fathers would talk about with a (certain) shine in their eyes. The sassy actresses in these songs are capable of heating up the situation and your girlfriends would still feel jealous if they caught you admiring their screen shenanigans. Hereby we compile a list of such songs which are still giving us a certain blood rush. Lol!


Aap Jaisa Koi from Qurbani, 1980

This is considered to be one of the first disco hits in India and how. The sensuous and fresh voice of Nazia Hasan is brilliantly complimented by sultry Zeenat Aman in that oomph oozing red dress. The ever dashing Late Mr Feroz Khan, looks flabbergasted by some serious dance shakes of the celebrated actress. This song still inspires us that sensuality is actually a very powerful emotion. Oh we mean it and you know it.


Jawani Janeman from Namak Halal, 1982

Another major disco hit, this song leaves us wanting for more. The uber hot Parveen Babi, dances (let’s say teases) in a golden cat suit with a decent neckline and a cunning air around her. Considered to be one of her best dance performances, Mr Shashi Kapur is spellbound and is literally speaking his emotions from his eyes. The only problem, Parveen has got more to her than she intends to tell.

Yeh Mera Dil from Don, 1978

Helen is the undisputed queen of the item songs, pioneering it since the black and white era. She is the epitome of everything bold and sexy. The energy in this song is impeccable and leaves Mr Bachchan looking like anything but a man on a mission. Asha Bhosale provides a robust playback to this dance number but it’s Helen who is the real show stealer. The ultra sexy dress is everything to get this song on this list. Supermodel Bella Hadid wore a similar dress in 2016, same as what Helen wore in 1978 and it leaves very little scope for any guess work. Now, once you have seen this video, may we suggest a stiff drink to calm down your agitated state of mind!

Laila O Laila from Qurbani, 1980

Zeenat Aman is a master of tease and sensuality in this club banger of it’s time. The long white gown with the front slit is still a bold move and that furry scarf is very sexy to be used as an accessory. Mr Feroz Khan looks dapper in a tuxedo but loses his calm when he sees his sweetheart moving like a dance queen on the floor. The very apt lyrics tell a story where if she looked like this, every man would like to meet her in solidarity. Did we forget to mention very chick headgear worn by Zeenat?

Mehbooba Aa Mehbooba from Sholay, 1975

The biggest movie of all times had Helen adding more spark through this song. Playing a gipsy in this song, Helen slays it with her sensuous dance moves and a very sexy outfit in emerald green. She makes it look so effortless that we feel like no-one to even bat an eyelid. The choker on her neck and a very fine ornamental chain around her sleek waist is adding to her persona of a gypsy and leaving generations of men asking for more. Very hot sir, too hot.

Tip Tip Barsa Paani from Mohra, 1994

A very rain drenched Raveena Tandon in a yellow sari will give you more reasons to be alive today. This sultry song is too much to handle and the moves by this hot living being will leave you in jitters. The start of the song shows Mr Akshay Kumar appearing like a tough guy, but then he gives up to her moves or that wraparound of a sari. We sense you would need a drink as a remedy for your tensions after this video.


Kaate Nahi kat te from Mr India, 1987

Another perfect example of why a plain chiffon sari can get as sexy as possible, this song portrays Sridevi as a hot siren. You simply need to check the video and that may lead you to gift your sweetheart a plain-jane sari with this song as a suggestion. Your imagination, your call, we are here just to give advice on worldly orders.

Final Word

These ladies have enthralled a generation of men with their moves and that sensuality has driven us men crazy. We are moving ahead with the times but do you think we can afford to miss the oomph and all that hotness which should be kept alive. You were saying something about new age dancing queens? Nah!


Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON