7 statement styles you need to try now!

You won't try, you won't know!

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There is a sad situation with men worldwide and the irony of this problem is that it’s self created. We men have two wardrobe wish-lists with stark choices in both of them. The first list is of everyday or lesser audacious, more common menswear pieces. The list which comprises of the mundane white polos, classic blue shirts, dark denims and your once in a week pale blue Oxford shirt. The other list is an imaginary, “I wish I could wear them” styles like a printed blazer or a new kinda shirt you saw at that high street store  but apprehension of being judged by your lesser style conscious peers made you take a back seat.

Men across are not ready to take a bold step and announce themselves in a statement piece of clothing. The fear of being judged and that hushed silence which falls over the office or the room when you walk, makes you take a safer step. The result, you are just the run of the mill guy who is wearing the same stuff every week. Menswear style is on a super sonic speed and every one should imbibe the speed. A day in a statement style will never hurt but slowly cement your position as one of those men who know what they doing. After all we are in 2016, and why should we censor our sense of style. Our clothes are our quintet chance to express ourselves to the world. It’s an un-spoken language of story telling, a story we should ensure every one is enjoying. A quick change in the form of a pop of colour to your tie is enough to express your mood but we don’t use our clothes to express our story but instead to fit in.

In this blog, I am trying to bring upon a change and list 7 items from Mr Button’s collection. These are daring pieces of style which you should try once and use them to express yourself and not just to fit in.


1) The Cheeky Corporal Printed  Blazer


Camo is probably the manliest of prints to invade the territory of menswear in recent times. This Camo printed blazer is your best bet to make a statement wherever you go. A bold outward with nonchalance is all you need. Keep everything neutral and mix it with your pristine white leather sneakers and a pair of dark denims or your favourite navy trousers.

When in doubt take some cues from Dapper actor Mr Ayushmann Khurana on how to slay this blazer with adequate panache.

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2) The Bounty Hunter Solid Denims

Slim fit denim in solid hues is like a wardrobe panacea. You may display great styling powers by combining this denim with your daily casual pieces or can go bold by pairing this wth your semi-formal numbers. Bold tip- Wear this over a solid t-shirt and throw upon a linen or cotton blazer. Did we forget to mention that finish the look with a box fresh leather sneaker?

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3) The Chaotic George Paint Splatter T-shirt

This is screaming statement, and a chaotic one. The paint splatter is all done by hand and the embroidery patch is to add a bit of drama. The super soft combed cotton of this style will keep you at peace while you silently enjoy the world outside going nuts over your paint splatter t-shirt. Remember it’s all done by hand and none of the single t-shirt will be alike.

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4) The New Sun Cotton Shirt

You knew this was coming. It will and mind you will always be the backbone of your wardrobe. A crisp white shirt will go with your vintage jeans to your INR 200,000 suit. Always keep them slick and never under estimate the worth of them. This one here has a whole new spin with a club collar and can be easily paired with almost anything with equal panache.

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5) The Adriatic Breeze Cotton Shirt

Prints are so in!’ might sound very vague to you, specially if you are the one who likes to stick to your solid colored shirts. But if you’re the one who likes to keep up with what’s happening in the fashion world, you may have noticed that printed shirts are what every man on the red carpet is wearing. This shark printed shirt is what you need to make a powerful statement. Let’s get started, shall we?

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6) The Salmon Move Cotton Shirt

Is being bold a statement? Is wearing a punk ass, IDGAF color a statement? We say yes to all and bring to you this solid colored shirt to add extreme drama in your rather dull wardrobe. This rust coloured slim fit shirt is for instant recognition and for all the good reasons. Pair this with a navy pair of chinos and you are ready for whatever.

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7) The Shindig Pasha Cotton T-Shirt

This is sublime statement. Who can pull a black panelled t-shirt? We say every one of us can easily make this as one of the statement styles in our wardrobe. The dark vibes of this t-shirt is part Rock and Rolla and part party animal, and you will love everything in between.

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The Final Word

The men clan has to break the shackles of monotony of wearing the similar kind of styles week by week. A statement piece is just the right tweak we need to elevate our position from a safe player to a risk taker. After all taking risk is a statement. Go for it, you will thank me later.


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Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON