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7 Essentials to Make You Cool This Season

Season's essentials to keep you going.

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The things you just can’t do without this season. Make sure you stock up on these because as per Blogger Aksheev, these will be your savior. Don’t believe us? Read to know more.


1. Indigo joggers


Thought you could survive this severe summer heat in those denim jeans too? Don’t even dare to because you’ll get burnt badly. Instead, get your hands on to a pair of indigo joggers and feel that denim love and rock any possible upper wear with it.


2. Solid Basics Tees


Whoever said basic was boring, never really knew how to rock them stylishly. The trend now says ‘less is more’ and solid colored basic tees do enough justice to it. When going in for these tees, make sure fit is perfect because that’s what makes them attractive.


3. White cotton Pants


One, cotton is a summer-friendly fabric and two, the colour white looks really elegant. White cotton pants are one piece that is a must-have in your wardrobe for the only reason that you can pair it with anything. Be it a shirt, t-shirt or polo, white pants look sharp with everything.


4. Navy Double Breasted Blazer

double breasted

We all need to start acknowledging double breasted blazers more. There is nothing as elegant as a double breasted blazer. It makes you look sharp, classy, dapper and what not. Buy a navy colored blazer to get you through summers.


5. Floral Shirt


Add flavour to your outfits in form of floral shirts. Summers, in a way, means life, colors and pop and printed shirts do that job for you perfectly. Any colour/style of floral shirt is a must have to add variety to your outfits.


6. Blue Reflector/Mirrored Sunglasses


Mirrored sunglasses have been here for a while but the trend is still gripping amongst youth. Number of celebrities spotted sporting these frames; we recommend a blue colour for that cooling effect.


7. Printed Slip Ons


Prints, in general, have that cool vibe to it and slip ons in specific are the trendiest footwear available out there. So, when there is a mix of both, you need to get them eyes closed.


Written by Aksheev Puri of  The Dapper Square