The 7 Best Looks From The Oscars Red Carpet And Stage

Steal these looks as soon as you can.

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The 88th Annual Academy Awards just concluded with some usual list of winners and some unusual and totally unexpected. The festivities took place at the Dolby Theatre just like previous years and yes there was a red carpet laid, just like all these past years. The Paparazzi and the fashion police went berserk judging who did it the right way on the red carpet. Here are some of the best moves by the dapper gents who came and conquered the red carpet’s sartorial requirements.

Mr. Sam Smith in Dunhill

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Mr. Sam Smith at Oscars Red Carpet in Hollywood, 28th of Februrary 2016. Photograph by GeorgePimentel/Getty Images

The British crooner decided for not the mundane white shirt and tuxedo combo but a more maverick Single button- wide lapel dinner jacket underneath a swift waistcoat. Just one tip- Never have the same length for your facial beard and your hair. They may sometime look a bit weird but we will let Sam go away with it. After all he just snapped the best soundtrack award this evening.

Mr Leonardo DiCaprio in Giorgio Armani

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Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio at Oscars Red Carpet in Hollywood, 28th of February 2016. Photo by Todd Williamson/Getty Images

So the leading man gets his first Oscars as predicted before in this feature. He also wins the red carpet with his best tux ever in a swish ensemble from Armani (who else). He looks so dapper by the side of ever glowing Ms Kate Winslet at the red carpet. The long elusive award sits atop his fireplace (maybe) and he can enjoy the aftermaths of being an academy winner now (he never needed any reason though) Way to go Leo.

Mr Tom Hardy in Gucci


Mr. Tom Hardy at Oscars Red Carpet in Hollywood ,  28th of February 2016. Photo Getty Images.

I can’t think of any Actor better looking than this British Chap in the modern times. The whole raw look but the polished appeal of this look is so powerful maybe the Academy should have reconsidered their thoughts on missing him for the best supporting act.  The trousers could have been hemmed a bit but can you dare telling this to the man who may very well be the next James Bond. Even Mr DiCaprio spoke good words for Mr Hardy in his acceptance speech.

Mr Eddie Redmayne in Alexander Mcqueen


Mr. Eddie Redmayne at Oscars Red Carpet in Hollywood, 28th of February 2016. Photo by  GeorgePimentel/Getty Images

This man can enact Stephen Hawking and win an Oscar. This man can play the first transgender and get nominated for the best actor. This man can also wear Red Carpet looks like it’s his everyday task and he is always prepared for it. I am telling you all, you need to follow Mr. Redmayne if you want to get seriously serious about how to wear a Tux, or a Blazer or a T-shirt. Damn this man can pull off almost anything under the sun.

Mr Chris Rock in Burberry


Mr Chris Rock at Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, 28th of February 2016. Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty

The funniest guy of the night and the host of the show was also one of the most dapper dudes around. Also he was satirical on addressing the #oscarsSoWhite controversy and was adamant in a funny way till the last moment of the show. But for me he stole the show in that White Jacket/ black trouser look. Gents take inspiration here on how to rock a red carpet slash a ceremony in anything other than classic all black look. Please, Please Copy this look whenever you can. All approved and sealed from my end.

Mr Michael B. Jordan in Ralph Lauren Purple Label


Mr Michael B Jordan at Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, 28th of February 2016. Photo by Kevin Winters/Getty

A Double breasted suit is your best friend and can take you to places. Take some cues from Mr Jordan here and learn the nuances of killing a double breasted suit. The wide Shawl Lapel adds the required glamour for an event like Oscars. Keep it trim and a crisp black bow tie will be a finishing touch. Getting clicked with Rachel McAdams by the side will be the cherry on the cake.

Mr Mark Ruffalo in Valentino


Mr Mark Ruffalo at Oscars Red Carpet in Hollywood, 28th of February 2016. Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty

I have great respect for gents who go their own way and break a custom or two. There were many instances today at the Red carpet where gents broke from the mundane and usual all black look and opted for broken down looks.  Mr Ruffalo here is doing his best style game in an electric blue (my fav) tuxedo jacket. I would be glad if someone does this look really quick in the upcoming gala seasons. Go for it as its fail safe and very much stylish. Go on, break a rule.

Final Words- Red Carpet is your chance to channel some bold and dapper looks. If you don’t have your ticket to the Oscars, don’t fret as you will have a big wedding season and the galas which comes attached with these ceremonies. Why don’t you show your celeb streak and dress for the occasion. Look through our own compilation of such look right here.


Words by Mr Akshat Singh, The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON