5 printed shirts to welcome spring summer-17

Curated by Style Agents, loved by you.

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So the weather took a sudden turn and the mercuries played haywire. The cool waves of February suddenly took their exit and we saw the harbinger of the very famous (read notorious) long Indian Summer. The spring time is very short in India, but it still gives us a small window to bring about some change in our everyday dressing. The upcoming summers are truly considered to be one of the best seasons when it comes to wearing cool stuff. The colours get a bright hue, fabrics are relaxed and you just can’t get enough of those tall glasses of lemonade (spike it up with some Bacardi maybe, maybe not).

Wearing prints in light shades is always one of the best methods to elevate your style. The spring summer is actually considered to be one of the best times to flaunt curious prints. Menswear has seen a huge variety of prints and they are getting a new twist everyday. We sat with our Style Agents and asked them to pick a few shirts to usher in a summer state of mind circa 2017. We will thank them later for their choice of printed shirts. Did we mention that all these are from our latest collection?


The Party Monster Printed Shirt

NOCSHR01 (8)-

Pattern printed shirts are big this season. Our edition comes with triangle patterns and it instantly puts this one in ranks of your essential party shirt during the day. Once the darkness falls, slip into a black or midnight blue blazer and you are ready to unleash your inner party monster.


The Mega Machismo Cotton Shirt

NOCSHR05 (1)

This one here is the official off-duty and badass I-know-what-I-am-doing shirt of spring summer-17. The triple colour panels add the required bravado and the cool cotton will keep you intact, even if it’s raining fire outside. Club it with light coloured trousers when going for a day out, or wear it with dark coloured chinos or your denims when hitting the bar in the evening.


The Fancy Vogue Printed Shirt

NOCSHR03 (2)

The micro printed motifs on this shirt makes this one a part-casual part-formal(ish) number. This shirt is cut on a skin friendly cotton fabric which means you will be happy and jovial while rest of the world is facing the scorch of the heat. The micro printed shirt can even be clubbed beneath a dark navy blazer while you meet your business associates outside and then can help you earn some brownie points when you meeting your sweetheart, later that evening.


The Sweet Vendetta Cotton Shirt

NOCSHR06 (12)-

White and black have been our eternal love. This shirt here is for the experimental gents who have no qualm about wearing their minds and stating it boldly. The black panels make this a white shirt gone bad and the hidden button placket adds a bit of sophistication in midst of some sublime machismo. Pair it with your everyday essentials and the boldness shall prevail.


The Nostalgic Lily Printed Shirt

NOCSHR02 (8)-

The name of this shirt is inspired from a very cool track by the British Band, The Who’s, “Pictures of Lily”. Florals and summer go hand in glove and this may be the sure shot way of nailing the biggest summer trend. The long lasting and time tested print scheme will keep you in right place and the old print will make you feel good about the heat. Did we tell you that it’s also one of the favourite shirts of our resident ladies at the HQ? You might take a chance with this one to your next summer soirée.


Final Word- With the advent of warm weather, it’s time to pull out some new style moves. Starting with printed shirts on light palettes will help you score instant success. Keep your other pieces low key and go with the flow of the biggest trend of the season.


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Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON