Your Ultimate Shirt Cheat Sheet

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Let’s start with me going on record that I am a 100% shirt guy. I do dabble with t- shirts here and there but my ultimate choice of style will always be a shirt. You may do endless things with a shirt and still look all put together. I firmly believe that simple, classic and versatile pieces of menswear will form the foundation of a sartorially packed capsule wardrobe and can be mixed together to form various stylish looks. Anyone who is starting his journey, to become a stylish gent can ensure fail safe style moments with this approach.

Shirts are always the most noticed piece of garment and also the one which will speak volumes about your personal style choice. The humble shirt is always available in plethora of patterns, cut, prints and never fails to get you out with confidence. My frame and lifestyle demands a shirt with nice slim cut and made out of premium fabric (virtues of being a style editor) and I get the shirts in various patterns. Owning too many shirts is as bad as owning few of them. We need to wisely select this powerful menswear staple. I hereby list five different types of shirts which will guarantee your success at the office, play or at the bar.


1) A Dress Shirt

Every man goes to a black jacket/tie event, every man needs to wear a tuxedo or its equivalent therefore you need to have a crisp dress shirt with maybe French cuffs or a wing collared shirt or a neat cutaway collar shirt like this shown here.


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2) Solid Formal shirts

The workhorses of your office wear, a slim cut solid shirts in semi spread or cut away collars will be a good starting point. Go for whites and blues and once you have mastered them it’s your time to graduate to grays, pinks and lavenders. They will do equally good beneath your patterned blazer and will mix well with your Ivy League motif ties you picked from your last trip to The Harrods in London


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3) Patterned shirts

Get them in your shirt collection for days when you need to transcend from a semi formal occasion to pretty chill out scenario. A good starting point will be micro gingham or soft plaids. Mix them with your chinos or dark jeans for maximum effect. These shirts are your work dress code approved and also will be admired by your sweetheart when you meeting her at the Cinemas later that evening


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4) A Collection of Casual Shirts

You are blessed that you are not always at the duty and have off time to do what you love doing. Expand your casual shirt game with inculcation of few Chambray shirts in blue and grey, a linen shirt in cool colors for summers, an Oxford button down shirt and a denim printed shirt which speaks your style statement. Casual shirts are like the cherry on the cake and you would like to express your mind with them.


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5) A Mix of Miscellaneous Shirts

Finally, we need to have a mix and match of shirts which will be versatile additions and can be used in your daily affairs. A black shirt is a milestone for your evening commitments (Never wear them during the day even if you live in Antarctica). If you like wearing dark colors during the day, go for a navy shirt. A Navy shirt short sleeve shirt in linen is a blessing for those heavy summer days and you can still maintain your cool in them. Go for a linen patterned shirt or a floral printed shirt when you are in mood for a day out with your pals.


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The Final Word

There you have it, my fail safe ultimate list of 5 essential types of shirts. I tried to have the mix and match of all the worlds and it will ensure your sartorial position wherever you go. These kinds of shirts are the best savior and maybe you should be attaching yourself closely to this list which will guarantee a successful wardrobe. Remember a Shirt is the single most powerful piece of style which will make you famous. Choose your weapon accordingly


Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON