5 embroidered patched T-Shirt to get grooving!

With these you are sorted!


One of the biggest fashion move in the past seasons is bit different and ridiculously cool. Yes I am talking about embroidery of various shapes and sizes on Menswear staples. There is a spate of this new trend right on from oxford shirts to the back of ubiquitous bomber jackets and took centerstage right from Gucci to D&G and nearly every designer brand took this method of expression.

At Mr Button, we took this leap and hopped on to the embroidery bandwagon with our t-shirts. Here are 5 of the coolest tees with such patches. Might as well you get one of these, now doing at Rs 499 each in our biggest sale ever!

The Big Pie Polo t-Shirt

ANTTST66 (1)

We mixed a Pizza slice with a solid Polo T-shirt! A minimal t shirt to go beneath your jackets, cardigans and blazers.

The Good Boy Round Neck T-Shirt

ANTTST43 (1)

Bad habits are hard to leave. How about a T-shirt with an embroidery patch which tells the world about your bad habits? Well some of them will be worth a mention or let’s say worth boasting.

The Tipsy Wolf Round Neck T-Shirt

ANTTST35 (1)

Wolf instincts are the right instinct. You got to do what you want and go for the kill. This Tee right here comes with a leather cut Wolf head patch. The grey colour makes it right for your basic style game to go a notch up. We so recommend to wear your state of mind and this T- shirt does everything to make you the wolf of the moment. Take it figuratively, thou!

The Striker Star Round Neck T-Shirt

ANTTST59 (1)

A basic white T-Shirt is the biggest Menswear blessing. It can be clubbed with almost everything and gives you a million dollar confidence. A leather appliqué star makes it more sinister and worth a story. The black star is for men who loves to partner with certain mysticism and believe in minimal detailing.

The True Love II Round Neck T-Shirt

ANTTST42 (1)

This blue basic Round Neck t-shirt is best suited for your layering option beneath those soft cardigans or your bomber jackets. The embroidery reads “Sober Love” and packs a twist when sober is stricken out. We will keep the meaning of this to be open-ended and shall trust your imagination to take control.

Final Word-

These minimal T-Shirts are to be copped right away. All of these are doing at Rs 495 a pop in our EOSS, so we can’t think of an excuse of ignoring these basic yet powerful method of expressing your state of mind. Go get these before they run out of stock.

Words by Mr. Akshat Singh,
The Brand and Content Director at MR BUTTON