5 Bold Colours To Wear This Season

Colour play is the answer to your question!


Every season comes with its own colour palette. Even though some colours never go out of fashion, there are a few colours which do not stay on for as long. But when it comes to men’s fashion, we have a few colours which are trending this season and they are sure to help you make a statement as bold as you’d like it to be!


Pink as a colour has been less preferred by men. But mate, things aren’t the same anymore! Pink is the colour of empowerment. A man should be man enough to carry off pink without being conscious about what people might think. Show up like Jay (reference: The Great Gatsby) in a pink suit and make a bold statement which no one can ignore, specially your girl! Now is a good time to stock up on pink shirts since they are doing the rounds everywhere!



Green compliments all skin tones. This colour is your safest bet when you want to look put together on days when it is just too hot to even think about stepping up your style game. Keep it simple yet classy with a couple of shades of green in your trunk. This colour with it’s liveliness and energy that speaks nature, is sure to lift up your moods on hot summer days! You just need to pair them smartly with your basics and sit back and relax. No wonder it is trending this season!



Navy Blue
Needless to say, this is one colour that is going to be trending every season, each day of the year. The timeless colour works with everything. And believe me when I say that! Can you think of one colour that wont look good with it? We can’t! From AM to PM, this timeless colour does well both ways. For a day look, pair a navy blue trouser with a light colour linen shirt or a navy shirt with beige trousers to wear to work. The best part about this colour is that there is least effort involved in deciding a look but the outcome doesn’t say so! For the ones who are not big on trying new things, this colour is going to be your savior this season!



Red is the colour of strength and power. This colour can not be ignored. It demands attention (Who wouldn’t like some, right mate?). Where the brighter shades would be ideal for the commitments you have during the day, you could opt for darker hues in case you plan on going clubbing in the evening. The rustic look is what girls look for in a man! To master that you could opt for deeper shades of red more towards rust and with that rugged beard of yours, you’re surely going to rule that look!



This royal colour because of it’s rich look has become a trend in its own. The appeal of this colour is perfect for the date night and the sensuality that it brings out in a person’s personality is beyond comparison! I am sure that this eye catchy colour will be nothing less than a testimony of your personal style! We recommend that you keep a couple of shirts in handy for all your dinner parties where you need to look nothing less than sharp!


These bold colours will help you keep up with what’s trending this season and broaden your horizon of fame. Get a couple of these in your wardrobe and let the colours do the talking!


Words by Ms. Aparna Chopra,
Marketing and Content Associate at MR BUTTON