4 Colour Combinations You Can Never Go Wrong With

You don’t have to think twice no more!

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Now before I continue, imagine a scenario where your alarm doesn’t ring and you wake up realising that you are not only late for office, but have to probably just skip everything that you would do on a normal day, now on top of that if you have to pick something to wear from your wardrobe, what would it be?

Need not worry, we bring to you 4 colour combinations that you should wear without any second thought.

We got your back always!


1. White and black


We’re pretty sure you knew this already, this is the most wearable combination. A classic combination of black and white is well, plain Classic. Just take out your crisp white shirt and black trousers and pair with tan shoes to complete your look. You are more than just sorted!

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2. Camel and Black


A colour such as camel can be a little tricky to pair and if not done right, it can break your whole look. Pairing it with black is probably one of the safest things to do. However, you could also try different shades of brown and with that you’ve probably hit the bull’s eye without realizing!

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3. White and Navy


This duo is probably the most versatile of all colour combination. This is one mix which will do well in not only summers but even winters. Navy pullover, white shirt and navy trouser and you are ready to be the reason why winters will feel more like summers! So forget the occasion and be the Nautical cloud!

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4. Grey and White


This combination is the Bomb. It goes well with both formal and casual looks. If you want to go for a formal look, pair your white shirt and grey pants with black brogues, and you could use the same combination for a casual look by pairing a grey polo t-shirt with white linen pants. This combination is perfect when you want to look sharp and practical.

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Tip: These combinations are your safest bet. To add a little element, you could always play around with your shoes or add layers in similar tones or even contrasting colours.


Words by Ms. Aparna Chopra,
Marketing and Content Associate at MR BUTTON